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Tape Tips for CGM and Insulin Pump Sites

We are commonly asked for tips on how to help sensors for CGM systems, infusion sets for insulin pumps, and Omnipods stick better - adhesion is even more important during summer months with increased body perspiration.

We routinely reference the Tape Tips from Medtronic's website when working with customers in coming up with ways to help with adhesion. Before purchasing expensive tapes and transparent dressings that might not even work, be sure to try these simple tips. 

One particular tip that may help is listed directly below and involves the use of non-deodorant antiperspirant. 

Use of Non-Deodorant Antiperspirant at Pump and Sensor Sites:

Non-deodorant antiperspirant can be used at pump and sensor sites to suppress the sweat glands so the adhesive sticks better.  It also helps cut down on possible skin reactions.

Certain Dri Solid Non Deodorant Antiperspirant is commonly found in many drug stores.  It should be labeled and only used at pump and sensor sites.  Apply to the pump infusion and/or sensor site.  Let it soak in for 10-15 minutes. Wash the residue off with soap and water or alcohol.  Wipe the top of the applicator with alcohol to keep it clean.  Insert the pump and sensor.  This works like a charm! 

If you are looking for a great customer service from a Michigan based durable medical equipment (DME) supplier for your Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) supplies, insulin pump supplies, and diabetes testing supplies, contact us today to start the easy enrollment process. We're in network with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, Health Alliance Plan (HAP) of Michigan, Priority Health, and all other major insurances in the state of Michigan. 

What We’re Reading: The Health Alliance Plan of Michigan’s Balanced Living Blog

The Health Alliance Plan of Michigan's Balanced Living is filled with tips and suggestions on increasing your wellness and leading a more active and healthy lifestyle

The Health Alliance Plan of Michigan's Balanced Living is filled with tips and suggestions on increasing your wellness and leading a more active and healthy lifestyle

One of our regular features on the Healthy Living Medical Supply Blog is our “What We’re Reading” segment where we shine the spotlight on resources that we find particularly relevant to our employees and customers. One such resource is Health Alliance Plan of Michigan’s “Balanced Living Blog,” which is routinely updated with excellent ideas and suggestions for maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle. Subscribe to blog updates by visiting the site and clicking the email subscribe link. 

Below you’ll find links to four articles that we found particularly interesting, all of which relate to diabetes, which is our specialty.

Walking it Back: Reversing Prediabetes

Facing Diabetes On Her Own Terms: How One Woman Took Control of Her Life

Diabetes Doesn’t Define Me: Overcoming Type 1 at 21

How Former U-M Football Star Marc Ramirez Tackled Diabetes

Healthy Living Medical Supply is in network with Health Alliance Plan of Michigan for diabetes testing supplies, insulin pumps, insulin pump supplies, continuous glucose monitoring systems (CGM) – if you are a Health Alliance Plan of Michigan member and are looking for diabetes related supplies delivered to your doorstep with great customer care, give us a call at 866.779.8512 or send us a text message at 248.577.9903 to start the easy enrollment process.

FDA Approves Dexcom G6 CGM

Dexcom's new G6 Continuous Glucose Monitoring System

Dexcom's new G6 Continuous Glucose Monitoring System

Yet another great piece of news in the area of Continous Glucose Monitoring technology advancement: Dexcom received FDA approval for their next generation, G6 CGM product.

For a more detailed analysis of the Dexcom G6 CGM, visit the recent blog posts from Diatribe, Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, and Beyond Type 1

The G6 solution is an exciting development for the diabetes community as it promises a ten day wear on the sensor, acetaminophen blocking, no finger stick calibrations,  potential integrations with the Tandem insulin pump, OminPod's tubeless pump and more.

A launch date has yet to be determined but Healthy Living Medical Supply will be ready to provide this new platform to our patients once it does become available.

Interested in learning more about CGM and the possible therapeutic benefits? Read this article from the Healthy Living blog on the benefits of CGM. 

We're here to help!

Animas Pump Line Shuts Down with Transition Plan in Place

On October 5, Animas Corporation announced that it is discontinuing manufacturing and sale of Animas Vibe® and One Touch Ping® insulin pumps. Medtronic will assist existing Animas pump patients, caregivers, and providers with the transition, including ensuring access to proper supplies. We know this news may be unsettling to our Animas customers, however, from what we understand, you will still be able to access pump supplies and support for quite some time. Learn more about the transition by visiting For the ‘Nuts & Bolts’ of the change, read Mike Hoskins’ article on Diabetes Mine.

You are welcome to call our Insulin Pump Therapy Team to learn more as well. Healthy Living works with Medtronic, Omnipod, and Tandem – all manufacturers of excellent insulin pumps – and our Team is well-versed in all of their product lines. We are in network with all major insurances in Michigan, including Health Alliance Plan of Michigan, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Priority Health, state Medicaid, and Medicare for insulin pumps and pump supplies. You can reach us at 866.779.8512, Option 2 (phone) or 248.577.9903 (text).

Medtronic Infusion Set Voluntary Recall

Medtronic recently announced a voluntary recall of specific lots of MiniMed infusion sets used with their insulin pumps, due to potential over-delivery of insulin after an infusion set change. According to Medtronic, this can be caused by fluid blocking the infusion set membrane during the priming/fill-tubing process.

Visit this Medtronic page to download Medtronic’s Notification Letter and learn how to determine if you have recalled infusion sets. If you do have recalled infusion sets right now, Medtronic provides Key Steps to follow. You can also reach Medtronic to ask questions about the recall at 888.204.7616.

The infusion sets currently being shipped by Medtronic contain a new, enhanced membrane material that significantly reduces the risk being addressed by this recall.

Our Insulin Pump Therapy Team can also help if you need additional assistance – just call us at 866.779.8512 (Option 2).

Advanced Insulin Pump Workshop Offers Great New Insights

A few weeks ago, when Healthy Living attended the JDRF TypeOneNation Summit in Belleville, our team members chose different breakout sessions to attend. We all learned a lot, and I want to take some time to pool our knowledge and share it with you!

Our Insulin Pump & CGM Therapy team attended a workshop that went in depth on insulin pump therapy, presented by Dr. Lowell Schmeltz. Here are some of the things that Crystal and George learned from the course.

Advanced Features Improve Results

Insulin pumps include many advanced features and functions that patients searching for tighter control of their diabetes can utilize. These optional features can make pumping more complicated, but if used correctly can greatly improve the results of pump therapy.  One example is that some pumps offer is a dual-wave bolus, which contains a normal bolus as well as a second wave of insulin that is delivered over time. This is especially beneficial when eating foods that are high in fat and carbs, like pizza.

Insulin Pump Therapy Requires Focus

Pump users and caregivers need to remember a lot of information and continually go through a number of steps to maintain control with their insulin pumps. Dr. Schmeltz explained that the biggest issue that comes up for individuals using the pump goes back to the basics – entering their carbs for meals. He believes that people should read packages and measure their food for accurate carb counting (instead of estimates and guesses).

Simplifying for Encouragement

Dr. Schmeltz really engaged with attendees and had a great way of simplifying complicated concepts to make pump users feel comfortable with the idea of trying new things. One more of his recommendations was for patients to download their pump data between physician visits so their doctor can review their status at appointment time and make any necessary changes to their regimen.

We also were excited to learn about some of the new pump technology that is being tested, including the artificial pancreas. This new technology is much closer to being available to patients than many of us realized!


Healthy Living’s Scoop on Insulin Pumps & Medicare

Qualifying for an Insulin Pump with Medicare

If you’re thinking about an insulin pump, start by talking to your doctor to see if you’re a candidate. Healthy Living can walk you through the next steps, including what you’ll need to qualify per Medicare guidelines. People with Type 1 & Type 2 diabetes both can get pumps if they qualify using this criteria:

  • Obtaining qualifying lab results – C-Peptide & fasting glucose, tested on the same day at the same time
  • Currently testing blood glucose 4 times/day
  • Using Multiple Daily Injections
  • Having gone through a comprehensive diabetes education program

Note: If your labs don’t qualify initially, we suggest that you discuss your options with your doctor.

How Medicare Bills for Pumps  

Insulin pumps bill as a rental through Medicare for 13 months. The pump is considered your property after 13 months have passed. Medicare will cover 80% of the insulin pump for qualifying members. If you have secondary insurance, we will verify that insurance to find out if they will cover the remaining 20% of the cost.

The Process for Starting on an Insulin Pump with Medicare & Healthy Living

The Healthy Living Insulin Pump & CGM Therapy Team will work closely with you to guide you through completing your qualifying criteria as well as verifying your insurance to give you estimated out-of-pocket costs for the pump.

Once these pieces are in place and you are ready to order an insulin pump, we will ask you to fill out two Medicare forms: The Assignment of Benefits form and the Rental Agreement. These forms give us permission to bill Medicare on your behalf.

Contact our Insulin Pump & CGM Therapy Team to find out which pumps are available. Once you are on an insulin pump, if your insurance changes or you discontinue using the pump for any reason, please notify us.

For Medicare Insulin Pump Owners

The 13-month rental period is now over and you now own your insulin pump. Your pump has a 4-year warranty offered by the manufacturer. Under Medicare guidelines, patients are eligible for a new pump every 5 years, but exceptions can be made if the 4-year warranty has expired and your pump is malfunctioning.

Contact the Healthy Living Insulin Pump & CGM Therapy Team to find out when you are eligible for a new pump, for help getting started with an insulin pump, or to learn more about pumps or CGM. You can reach them at (866)779-8512 (Option 2).

How Communication with Your Insurance Company Just Smoothed Out

Michelle, our insurance verification expert.

Michelle, our insurance verification expert.

Do you ever get overwhelmed navigating calls and questions with your insurance company? Here’s something wonderful – when you order diabetes supplies, insulin pumps, or prescriptions from Healthy Living, we will do the work for you.

Our insurance verification process helps patients because we not only find out what will be covered, but we also help them get the most out of their benefits. We are ready and willing to contact patients’ insurance companies for them with any questions. And we have an expert to head up this process.

Michelle is officially a pro with insurance verification. She has been verifying insurance for medical supply customers for more than 16 years. Her experience goes a long way – she is very familiar with different insurance companies and what they do and don’t cover. How does she work her magic?

For orders that need insurance verification, Michelle starts at each customer’s insurance company website to find the details of the individual’s coverage.

  • Is there a deductible and have they met it?
  • What is the copay?
  • Does the patient have a secondary insurance that needs to be factored in as well?

Through this information, Michelle can estimate what a patient will need to pay out-of-pocket for an order. She is also prepared to call insurance companies for clarification or with questions whenever needed.

After Michelle gathers this info, the Healthy Living Customer Care Team or Insulin Pump & CGM Therapy Team calls patients to let them know about the details of their coverage, equipped to answer further questions or continue with the order.

This is just one step in the eligibility process that the Insulin Pump & CGM Therapy Team helps patients complete. In addition, Healthy Living Pharmacy has their own insurance verification team to assist customers and help them maximize their benefits, working closely with their insurance companies and their doctors.

Let us help you find smooth sailing with your health insurance company for medical supply orders. Reach us…

  • Via phone @ 866.779.8512
  • Via text @ 248.577.9903
  • Via chat @

Cold-Packed Insulin & Next-Day Shipping Make Home Delivery an Excellent Choice

Cold-packed insulin, ready for shipment

Cold-packed insulin, ready for shipment

“How do you keep the insulin cold?” Our Healthy Living team often receives questions like this one about our insulin shipping practices. The key answers to this question are that Healthy Living Pharmacy cold-packs all insulin and carefully plans shipping so that patients receive it the next day. Whether you are using multiple daily injections or an insulin pump, we know that you depend on having your insulin delivered on time, with the support of a pharmacy team you can trust.

Seven Vital Stats about Healthy Living Insulin Shipping:

  1. Packing Method: For one bottle of insulin, one ice pack is used. Then the ice pack and insulin are enclosed in bubble wrap and foil packing (more ice packs are used for multiple bottles of insulin in a shipment).
  2. Shipping Days: Insulin is shipped Monday through Thursday, so that patients will have their insulin the next business day.
  3. Cold Retention: Cold-packed insulin stays cold about 24 hours.
  4. Shipping Range: The Pharmacy ships insulin throughout the state of Michigan only, to ensure next-day delivery.
  5. Seasonality: Packing methods are tailored for the season – less ice packs are used in the winter (to prevent freezing) and more ice packs are used in the summer.
  6. Extreme Temps: On super hot or cold days, the Healthy Living Team calls patients to remind them to watch for a delivery on their porch and put it in the fridge immediately.
  7. Shipping Companies: We use ProMed Delivery and UPS Ground for shipping insulin.

To make life easier, contact Healthy Living to learn about our home delivery services for diabetes supplies and prescriptions.


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Starting Insulin Pump Therapy Is Easy When Healthy Living Handles the Details

The Healthy Living Insulin Pump Therapy Team: George and Crystal collectively have 24 years of experience serving people with diabetes.

The Healthy Living Insulin Pump Therapy Team: George and Crystal collectively have 24 years of experience serving people with diabetes.

If someone with diabetes is interested in beginning to use an insulin pump, the best thing they can to do is call the Healthy Living Insulin Pump Therapy Team (meet the stellar lineup of George and Crystal). They make what can be a very complicated enrollment process very easy.

9 Steps to Collaborating with Healthy Living for a New Insulin Pump

When a member, let’s call him ‘Hank,’ is interested in getting started with insulin pump therapy, our Insulin Pump Therapy Team sets the process in motion by:

1.     Finding out if Hank has talked to his doctor about the pump request.

2.     Verifying Hank’s insurance and finding out what kinds of pumps he qualifies for and the associated copays.

3.     Explaining to Hank what insulin pumps are covered and their basic differences.

4.     Encouraging him to personally research his options on pump manufacturer websites and talk to his doctor for a recommendation.

5.     Facilitating the prior authorization process (required by some health plans), by gathering documents demonstrating medical necessity:

·       Blood sugar logs for the prior 60 days

·       Clinical notes from last two office visits

·       Proof of diabetes education

·       Qualifying lab results (A1c, fasting glucose, and C-peptide)

6.     Confirming order details with Hank and shipping out his insulin pump, once approved by his insurance company.

7.     Telling Hank about pump training, which is normally scheduled by the pump manufacturers.

8.     Setting Hank up to get recurring orders for pump supplies, with refill reminders available via phone, text, or email. Members going on a pump also often like to get their test strips, glucometer, and pharmacy medications through Healthy Living so that everything comes in one box.

9.     And down the road…obtaining prescriptions for refills on pump supplies for members as needed.

Communication with the Doctor’s Office & Insurance Company Is Covered

There are a lot of minutia to put together to obtain and start using an insulin pump, and the details require patience and lots of communication. Healthy Living collaborates directly with the doctor’s office and the insurance company for members. We take care of all documentation and information gathering, and request everything that is needed from the doctor.

A Team Prepared to Serve by Years of Experience

Healthy Living and our dedicated Insulin Pump Therapy Team has years (24 years collectively, between Crystal and George) of experience working with people with diabetes. Our company fosters empathy in employees, through the weeklong Wear-a-Pump Challenges and other ongoing education. Healthy Living works with all major insulin pump manufacturers, including OmniPodTandem Diabetes Care and Medtronic. We are fully prepared to help customers understand their options and enroll to start receiving the benefits of insulin pump therapy, making the process as smooth and effortless as possible!

Considering an Insulin Pump? This May Be Your Moment

Healthy Living is here and ready to help you maximize your insurance benefit and make the best decisions for your health. Thinking about going on an insulin pump? If your deductible has been satisfied for 2016, this could be the time to start on a pump for less out-of-pocket cost.

When you call our Insulin Pump Team (the amazing Crystal and George), they will help research your insurance coverage and choose a pump that’s right for you.
Dial (866)779-8512, extension 2, then extension 2 again!

Healthy Living offers pumps from these suppliers:

To learn more about the benefits of insulin pump therapy, visit

A sampling of insulin pumps!

A sampling of insulin pumps!


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