FDA Approves Dexcom G6 CGM

Dexcom's new G6 Continuous Glucose Monitoring System

Dexcom's new G6 Continuous Glucose Monitoring System

Yet another great piece of news in the area of Continous Glucose Monitoring technology advancement: Dexcom received FDA approval for their next generation, G6 CGM product.

For a more detailed analysis of the Dexcom G6 CGM, visit the recent blog posts from Diatribe, Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, and Beyond Type 1

The G6 solution is an exciting development for the diabetes community as it promises a ten day wear on the sensor, acetaminophen blocking, no finger stick calibrations,  potential integrations with the Tandem insulin pump, OminPod's tubeless pump and more.

A launch date has yet to be determined but Healthy Living Medical Supply will be ready to provide this new platform to our patients once it does become available.

Interested in learning more about CGM and the possible therapeutic benefits? Read this article from the Healthy Living blog on the benefits of CGM. 

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Healthy Living Medical Supply Partners with Rocket Fiber in New Detroit Location

Healthy Living Medical Supply, a specialty provider of mail order diabetes supplies and maintenance medications, will be relocating this November from Troy to their new downtown Detroit office in the Francis Palms building in the Central Business District.

After being approached by Rocket Fiber, a new Detroit-based service provider offering gigabit internet speeds, Healthy Living chose to partner and benefit from their amazingly fast internet capabilities. Healthy Living will be the first business to be hooked in to this service in the Palms building, working with Stephen Sawyer, a representative from Rocket Fiber. The installation is still in process, with the goal of being up and running by November 1.

Fiber optics, brought directly into the 11th floor of the Palms building, will provide a faster and more effective internet connection than could be received by older and slower copper phone or cable lines. Healthy Living is looking forward to these mind-blowing internet speeds to help improve the customer experience and work more efficiently as a team. “To provide the best possible customer service and to allow our business to continue to develop and grow, we depend on robust, reliable, and secure IT services, and that is exactly what Rocket Fiber provides,” explained Matt Montagne, VP of Strategy and Innovation at Healthy Living Medical Supply.

Rocket Fiber provides internet speeds that are up to 1,000 times faster than the average residential connection in the United States. As of early July, Rocket Fiber has laid more than 20 miles of new fiber and set up more than 40 residential and commercial buildings online in the City of Detroit.


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