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CGMs can reduce the stress and uncertainty related to glucose monitoring.
Healthy Living is here to help reduce the challenges of acquiring and maintaining a CGM.

Available CGMs

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Ready for Your CGM?

Enroll with us using your preferred contact method.
We have three different ways of helping you - choose whichever is easiest for you!

1. Call 866.779.8512.

2. Text “CGM” to 248.577.9903.

3. Fill out the form below.

A Healthy Living CGM Team Member will work with you and your doctor to obtain the additional documentation required.
You can download this enrollment form and take it to your doctor’s office, if you prefer.

Questions? Not Sure If You Qualify?

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Medicare Patients

Learn more about Medicare & CGM with Healthy Living here. Double check that you qualify for enrollment as a Medicare patient by calling 866.779.8512, texting “Medicare CGM” to 248.577.9903, or using the checklist below.

Checklist of Medicare Coverage Criteria for CGM

All of the following coverage criteria must be satisfied to qualify for Medicare coverage of Therapeutic CGMs and related supplies. Read the list and check off what applies to you.

  1. The Medicare member has diabetes mellitus. ✓

  2. The member has been using a blood glucose monitor to test 4 or more times a day. ✓

  3. The member uses insulin with 3 or more multiple daily injections or is on a insulin pump. ✓

  4. The member’s insulin treatment regimen requires frequent adjustments by the member on the basis of blood glucose monitor readings or CGM results. ✓

  5. Within the past 6 months prior to ordering the CGM, the treating practitioner has had an in-person visit the with member to evaluate their diabetes control and determined that criteria 1-4 above are met. ✓

  6. Every 6 months following the initial prescription of the CGM, the treating practitioner has an in-person visit with the beneficiary to assess adherence to their CGM regimen and diabetes treatment plan. ✓

How CGMs Work and Why Use Them