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Healthy Living Medical Supply has been delivering diabetes testing supplies, medical supplies, and prescription medications to customers' homes for more than a decade. With a focus on excellent customer service and efficient delivery, Healthy Living has become the home medical supply company of choice for families, insurance plan providers, and physicians.

Healthy Living Medical Supply offers convenient home delivery of insulin pump testing supplies and medications.  We have a complete selection of diabetes supplies and medications including:

  • Insulin pumps and pump supplies
  • Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) systems
  • Blood glucose testing supplies
  • Prescription medications
  • Insulin and syringes
Good customer service and friendly people. Will work with you if issues happen for any reason...quick response.
— Healthy Living Customer

(Testing supplies, insulin pump supplies, and CGM)

If this form does not originate from a doctor's office, please fill out as much information as possible
and Healthy Living will obtain the physician's signature for completion.

Inhalation medication prescriptions will be processed through Healthy Living Pharmacy.

Our Services Include:

Full-Service Pharmacy — 
Pharmacists are available for consultation, to review side-effects, and to work with patients' insurance providers.


Door-to-Door Delivery —  Delivery of all supplies and medications is available nationwide.

Refill Alerts —  Reminder texts, calls, or emails are sent to patients when it’s time for a refill, and automatic refills are available with our pharmacy.


Medication Check —  All prescriptions are reviewed for potential interactions.

Insulin Pumps —  Healthy Living is Medicare-certified to provide insulin pumps and pump supplies to clients. Our experienced Insulin Pump Therapy Team makes the process simple for patients.

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Insurance Verification —  Our agents are trained to help patients maximize their health insurance benefits and will give an estimate of copays and costs before an order is placed.

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