Tape Tips for CGM and Insulin Pump Sites

We are commonly asked for tips on how to help sensors for CGM systems, infusion sets for insulin pumps, and Omnipods stick better - adhesion is even more important during summer months with increased body perspiration.

We routinely reference the Tape Tips from Medtronic's website when working with customers in coming up with ways to help with adhesion. Before purchasing expensive tapes and transparent dressings that might not even work, be sure to try these simple tips. 

One particular tip that may help is listed directly below and involves the use of non-deodorant antiperspirant. 

Use of Non-Deodorant Antiperspirant at Pump and Sensor Sites:

Non-deodorant antiperspirant can be used at pump and sensor sites to suppress the sweat glands so the adhesive sticks better.  It also helps cut down on possible skin reactions.

Certain Dri Solid Non Deodorant Antiperspirant is commonly found in many drug stores.  It should be labeled and only used at pump and sensor sites.  Apply to the pump infusion and/or sensor site.  Let it soak in for 10-15 minutes. Wash the residue off with soap and water or alcohol.  Wipe the top of the applicator with alcohol to keep it clean.  Insert the pump and sensor.  This works like a charm! 

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