The ‘Wear-a-Pump Challenge’ Teaches and Inspires the Healthy Living Team

Healthy Living strives to understand the challenges that people with diabetes experience every day. In the last year, seven Healthy Living Medical Supply employees walked in the shoes of their customers in the ‘Wear-a-Pump Challenge.’ Members of the team wore Medtronic and Tandem pumps for a week to take their training and empathy to a new level.

"Wearing the pump for the past three days has been an illuminating experience to say the least – my understanding of insulin pump therapy is MUCH better even after these few days." – Matt

Before wearing a pump, each employee went through extensive online and in-person training, and later in the week learned to place a new pump site and fill the pump reservoir. The greatest challenge for most participants was carb counting.

"Entering carbs was the hardest thing for me as I am used to just eating and not worrying about it, or I am just hungry and want to eat." – Crystal

The Healthy Living team found there were logistical considerations to take into account with the pumps, from showering and sleeping, to exercising and dealing with tubing.

"My tubing was too long and I got caught on many of the items in my house. On Sunday night, my tubing got stuck on something and ripped the infusion set out of my side and that did not feel good."   – Crystal

Matt had the opportunity to teach his own community about insulin pumps and raise awareness about living with diabetes.

"Just like me prior to starting at work at Healthy Living, most all of my friends/family had no idea what an insulin pump was prior to seeing one on my belt. It definitely provoked some good conversation." – Matt

Everyone had great feedback to share about this enlightening experience!

"It would take some getting used to." – April
"Overall, it is a great experience so far!" – Crystal

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