A Pharmacy 'Where Everybody Knows Your Name'

In the 80’s and early 90’s, the TV show Cheers became known for their tagline and theme song ‘Where Everybody Knows Your Name.’ People were at home and comfortable when they made it to the Cheers bar. Healthy Living Pharmacy is far from a bar, but we think the Cheers tagline fits us awfully well.

Our Small Pharmacy Team Knows Our Patients

When patients call Healthy Living Pharmacy, they won’t get one of a running list of pharmacists that regularly turn over like large chain drug stores. Only Mira, Grace, and Rickelle are there, always ready to help. They know many patients very well, and some patients specifically request each of them by name.

Getting to Know Healthy Living Pharmacy

Learn about what drives our team members.

Mira, Pharmacist - Check out this blog about Mira!

Grace, Pharmacy Tech – On why she loves to create connections with customers:

"What drives me is that I really enjoy helping people.  I truly get a warm and happy feeling after I help someone.  After I help them on the phone, I try to tell the person I am talking to “have a great day.”  I have noticed that after I say that the person on the other end usually gives me a nice response.  It seems like they know I care about them and it makes a connection that tells them they aren't just another phone call.  Sometimes I say enjoy the rest of your day and I hear them sigh like a weight has been lifted.  People just need to know that someone is listening to them and that they matter.  I have had customers like [Emily] who told me that she likes to talk to me and I know her by name and I take extra care with her.  I had a customer last week named [Matt] who called me several times with multiple questions.  He asked me if we are being recorded and then he said I deserved a raise and an extra week’s vacation!  He was great.  It helps to make a connection and recognize their names.  It does improve my customer service because I know they trust that I will follow through and help them out."

Rickelle, Pharmacy Tech – On why it matters to provide excellent customer service:

"Doing my job to ensure that every patient’s medical needs are met to the best of my ability, along with teamwork from co-workers in the pharmacy and different departments – if everyone puts the same amount of effort into it then we will succeed as a company/business and the most important: our customers will be supplied and happy."

Like Your Favorite Corner Pharmacy

Healthy Living offers a neighborhood pharmacy feel, with prescriptions delivered right to your door. Learn more about us at myhlms.com/pharmacy or by calling (866)779-8512 (Option 4).


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