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Lifting Up Healthy Living's Core Values

Healthy Living developed guiding Core Values a few years ago, and I thought today would be the perfect day to highlight them. These values affect our movements on a day-to-day basis, influencing our passion for customer care, our relationships with patients, providers, and manufacturers, and our positive internal culture.

Healthy Living's Core Values

  • Earn Trust: Delight customers, simplify their experience, and surprise them in unanticipated ways.

  • Get Better Every Day: Practice continuous improvement, determined to surpass yesterday over and over again.

  • Own and Learn from Mistakes: Seek to understand your mistakes, make things right, share what you learned, and move on.

  • Pursue Ongoing Learning: Strive for personal and professional growth through curiosity, exploration, and education.

  • Build a Positive Team: Work collaboratively to create a loyal customer following, and have fun along the way!

  • Embrace Change: Be agile and prepared to adjust to the quickly and inevitably changing healthcare environment.

  • Be Humble: Appreciate your teammates, be yourself, and focus on the goal instead of the spotlight.

As a growing company shaped by integrity and our purposeful commitment to customers and employees, we use these values to guide our way and focus our daily vision.

Healthy Living Heroes - Meet Christina

Christina defines compassion as, “Putting yourself in someone’s shoes and connecting with them on a personal level to make sure they know that you’re there for them.” She has been working as a Customer Care Agent along with insulin pump & CGM processing for three years.

We're Hiring - Come Join a Great Team!

We are looking for amazing individuals to hire for our Customer Care, Shipping, and Human Resources teams. We offer a comprehensive compensation package and an awesome team environment. Learn more about a career at Healthy Living and apply by submitting your resume and cover letter to

Shining a Spotlight of Appreciation on Healthy Living Shipping

“As a shipping and receiving team, it’s a team effort – we all realize that we’re customer service and getting shipments out in a timely manner and correctly is our ongoing goal.”
                                    – Steve, Healthy Living Shipping Manager

While they don’t interact directly over the phones with our customers, Shipping is an integral component of our approach to excellence in the area of customer service.

Steve is our shipping manager, and he has been working with Healthy Living for over ten years! He has worked in shipping for about eight years, and before that he drove our DME truck. Steve gave me some ‘vital stats’ of our shipping process.

7 Key Facts About Healthy Living Shipping

  1. We ship with UPS & USPS.
  2. Shipments for new patients take 1 to 2 days to arrive.
  3. Refills are scheduled through the Customer Care Team and arrive to customers in 3-4 days.
  4. Insulin is cold-packed and arrives the next day.
  5. Customers can have pharmacy and supply orders shipped together.
  6. To obtain tracking info, customers can call us or give us their email and we’ll send it to them. We also send out text messages with tracking information to our customers.
  7. Reminder: Be sure to give the Customer Care Team (phone: 866.779.8512 or text: 248.577.9903) your change of address to avoid causing delays to your shipments.

Meet Our Shipping Team

The Healthy Living Shipping Team is made up of five team members, and all of them have been working with Healthy Living for at least three and a half years. They are a great team!!











Leo had some great insight into our work environment: “It’s important to be able to work in a stress-free environment. It’s not really about the job you have that determines happiness, but the people around you. We get along, and people help one another out and appreciate each other. That common denominator, along with empathy, make this a great place to work.”

Putting Our Heads Together for Healthy Living Customers

As part of our ongoing work to better serve our patients, Healthy Living has a Performance Improvement Team that meets monthly to discuss how Healthy Living can grow stronger, both departmentally and as a whole. The team is made up of one or two representatives each from the billing, customer care, shipping, and pharmacy departments. Some suggestions and action items have included:

  • Creating tighter communication between shipping and customer service, and different tools for keeping communications flowing
  • Enhancing our process for sending shipping notifications to customers
  • Determining corrective action for the issue of damaged packaging, including the acquisition of smaller boxes to ship smaller orders
  • Expanding the training experience for customer care representatives

The PI Team also reviews feedback for improvement submitted from customers and employees and forms an action plan for implementing this feedback. Our Performance Improvement Team, and the time we are putting into collaborative conversations, are directly related to our goal of continuous improvement in all we do. Hopefully our customers will see and feel the difference over time!

We love to help!

Shifting Customer Care from Good to Excellent and Beyond

Newest quote on our office walls.

Newest quote on our office walls.

The Healthy Living Customer Care Team recently read and responded as a group to an article, Moving Your Call Center’s Customer Service from Good to Excellent. Exercises like this are part of Healthy Living’s commitment to continuous growth, especially in the area of customer service. This also relates to three of our company’s Core Values:

  • Get better every day
  • Pursue ongoing learning
  • Build a positive team

We know that our business does not exist without our customers and members, so it is of utmost importance to keep them happy and satisfied with superior service and unexpectedly positive care. We want our customers to know that we appreciate their business and never take them for granted.

This article explains that there are eight essential customer service skills needed for delivering superior customer service:

  1. Greeting
  2. Active listening
  3. Communication skills
  4. Diffuse anger
  5. Empathy
  6. Team building
  7. Ability to apologize/recover (when necessary)
  8. Resolution

We agree with the author that “it is our actions, words, promises, and commitment” that create an exceptional and memorable customer experience, and that is our goal and intent with every customer interaction, every day.

We love to help!

Sherece Is Our Final 2017 Healthy Living Player of the Week!

Sherece POW 2017.png

Congratulations on receiving Player of the Week recognition for the second year, Sherece! Rickelle nominated Sherece and shared these thoughts:

“She works really hard with the Customer Service Team and also helps us in the Pharmacy! Sherece is a very awesome person and a hardworking individual with such a bright personality! She is greatly appreciated for her hard work and dedication, and this is my Thank You to her for all of her help!”

We all love working with Sherece, and it’s a joy to be on a team with her here at Healthy Living!!

We love to help!

April! Our Second Player of the Week

Announcing…our second Player of the Week! April was nominated by Tammi and these were her comments:

I nominate April for all of her hard work and for stepping up and taking on many tasks in times of being short-staffed. Also for helping me with questions for walk-ins at the Troy office.

April has been working with Healthy Living for six years and is an integral part of our team. To April, the best thing about working at Healthy Living is that, “Because we are a smaller company, we have the opportunity to get to know everyone in the organization by having after-work social hours and seeing people in a non-work setting. It makes us a closer group and more like friends then just co-workers. The comfortable and relaxed atmosphere is why I enjoy working here.”

We are so happy to have the opportunity to recognize April today.

Marissa Brings New Energy to Our Customer Care Team


Welcome Marissa! One of our two newest employees, Marissa has been with Healthy Living for a little over a month. I had a great conversation with her recently, and here is the some of the scoop on this wonderful gal.

Marissa is a Customer Care Representative. She trained with mentors Christina and Amanda – there were online components to the training and the main focus was a goal-oriented, hands-on approach. She has always wanted to work in the City, and our headquarters is in Detroit. She says that downtown is an “awesome atmosphere” and “there is a lot of optimism in Detroit and here [Healthy Living].” Marissa’s favorite Detroit discovery so far has been Avalon Bakery & Café on Woodward.

For three and a half years before this, Marissa worked as a server. She is working toward becoming a wildlife vet with the (amazing) goal of starting a wildlife sanctuary. Marissa has a special place in her heart for the wellbeing of farm animals. She also loves to work out and is small but strong!

First 2017 Player of the Week: Dave!

Player of the Week - Dave Tucker.png

The season has begun – the Healthy Living Player of the Week is back. Last fall, four Healthy Living team members were chosen and featured on our blog. Players of the Week are nominated by their coworkers for working hard, making key plays, and sacrificing for the team.

Dave was nominated by Sherece, and these were her comments: He is a great co-worker to work with. David is always willing to help out, answer questions, and problem solve…and he is funny.

Dave’s favorite thing about working at Healthy Living is being able to make a difference in someone else’s life, and his role is to make sure orders are shipped out on time and properly. We are all so lucky and blessed to work with Dave, our first 2017 Player of the Week.

Kicking Off the Party at Little Caesars Arena & Mike’s Pizza Bar


Mike’s Pizza Bar is truly a tribute to Mike Ilitch. Healthy Living had a teambuilding event at Little Caesars Arena in late September that began with dinner at Mike’s Pizza. Mr. Ilitch’s favorite phrases and mottos line the top borders of the walls, like “You’re Only as Good as the Last Pizza You Made.” There are also pictures of him playing during his baseball career.

After dinner and listening to a relevant speaker, we entered the arena right from Mike’s Pizza, and about 25 of us watched the pre-season game against Chicago. The new space is beautiful, and it was awesome to see it right after it opened! Find a way to check out the new arena, whether it's to see the Red Wings, Pistons, or another event. It’s interesting to see how different it feels from the Joe! Detroit’s season home opener was October 5 against Minnesota, so the regular season is now in full swing. Go Wings!


Animas Pump Line Shuts Down with Transition Plan in Place

On October 5, Animas Corporation announced that it is discontinuing manufacturing and sale of Animas Vibe® and One Touch Ping® insulin pumps. Medtronic will assist existing Animas pump patients, caregivers, and providers with the transition, including ensuring access to proper supplies. We know this news may be unsettling to our Animas customers, however, from what we understand, you will still be able to access pump supplies and support for quite some time. Learn more about the transition by visiting For the ‘Nuts & Bolts’ of the change, read Mike Hoskins’ article on Diabetes Mine.

You are welcome to call our Insulin Pump Therapy Team to learn more as well. Healthy Living works with Medtronic, Omnipod, and Tandem – all manufacturers of excellent insulin pumps – and our Team is well-versed in all of their product lines. We are in network with all major insurances in Michigan, including Health Alliance Plan of Michigan, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Priority Health, state Medicaid, and Medicare for insulin pumps and pump supplies. You can reach us at 866.779.8512, Option 2 (phone) or 248.577.9903 (text).

Come Out and Walk to Make a Cure a Reality!

Lighthouse at Milliken State Park (Flickr, Corey Seeman)

Lighthouse at Milliken State Park (Flickr, Corey Seeman)

The JDRF One Walk has one goal: to create a world without type 1 diabetes (T1D). This year, Healthy Living Medical Supply will again be sponsoring the JDRF One Walk and will be at the Detroit event on the morning of Sunday, September 17th. We would love to see you there! Come out and walk the mile to help raise money to support life-changing breakthroughs that give hope to everyone impacted by type 1 diabetes! Even better, Milliken State Park and the Detroit Riverwalk are beautiful in the fall and offer great views.

Join the Movement and Participate in the Detroit 2017 JDRF One Walk!

Hope to see you in a couple of weeks!!

Rickelle Keeps Things Super Friendly in the Pharmacy

Rickelle in the Healthy Living Pharmacy (photo by Jennifer O'Donnell)

Rickelle in the Healthy Living Pharmacy (photo by Jennifer O'Donnell)

Meet Rickelle! Rickelle is Healthy Living’s newest Pharmacy Technician, and she has been working here for about seven months. She mostly works with our inhalation patients, including checking in with them regularly to see if they need refills on their supplies. Rickelle also works with new pharmacy patients to help them begin receiving prescriptions from Healthy Living Pharmacy, ensuring that each new patient has a smooth and successful transition.

Rickelle believes that it is extremely important to build relationships with her patients, and it shows. She makes each conversation and interaction with her patients memorable, pleasant, and cheerful. This wonderful woman is very caring and will always go the extra mile for Healthy Living patients to make them feel comfortable and valued.

Describing the philosophy of the Healthy Living Pharmacy team, Rickelle says, “The most important thing for the patients to know is that we care about their privacy and convenience, and we work to save them a trip to the pharmacy by delivering their package to their doorstep, free of delivery charges.” She also explains that she and the pharmacy team create easy transitions for pharmacy transfers and, “For any of our patients who need refills, we will contact the doctor for them.”

Outside of work, Rickelle loves spending time with her one-year-old daughter, Serenity, and her six-year-old son, Jamal. Summer is a wonderful time for Rickelle and her family because they love getting outside and playing at the park! On Sundays, Rickelle and her kids devote their time to church and family.

Rickelle explained, “What I like most about working at Healthy Living is that everyone is all about teamwork and they're all friendly! They are very serious about their work and also making sure that patients are satisfied at the end of the day.”

We are so thankful that Rickelle is part of our team!

Lily Is Our Amazing Intern!

Lily in front of Comerica Park.

Lily in front of Comerica Park.

Today, we want to give a very warm welcome to Lily. She will be interning with us at Healthy Living Medical Supply this spring & summer!

Lily is from the Detroit area and plays on the Women’s Golf Team at Ohio University. She will be a senior this fall, studying Communications with a minor in Marketing.

Healthy Living is Lily’s internship of choice this year because of her interest in health care communication. Lily will be working with our health plan members while she’s here, as well as working on the Healthy Living Blog and social media pages.

Lily’s goals in working here are to learn about the best ways to find customers and keep them happy and coming back, better understand how to leverage social media platforms, and how to reach larger audiences. After graduation, Lily is considering a career in Pharmaceutical Sales.

The summer season is ideal for Lily since she loves being active and outside, and especially golfing. We are so happy you’re here, Lily!

Web Chat Is Like Siri for Your Supplies

Check out the web chat box in the bottom right corner!

Check out the web chat box in the bottom right corner!

Meet Healthy Living web chat, your human-powered Siri. Ask us any question you might have!

  • What’s the tracking info on my order?
  • When is my next order scheduled?
  • When does my prescription expire?
  • What’s Healthy Living’s favorite lunch spot in the D?

When you chat with us, you will get one of our website chat channel monitors – Adam, Tyler, or David – they’re friendly guys. :) This is just another convenient way you can interact with your Healthy Living team so we can give you the help and service you need.

You can access website chat by visiting, either through your computer or via your mobile device. It will show right up on the bottom of the screen. We’re available from 8:30 a.m. – 6 p.m. EST. You can also use chat to leave us a message after hours - an agent will get in touch with you early the next day after your message is left.

Chat with you soon!

How Communication with Your Insurance Company Just Smoothed Out

Michelle, our insurance verification expert.

Michelle, our insurance verification expert.

Do you ever get overwhelmed navigating calls and questions with your insurance company? Here’s something wonderful – when you order diabetes supplies, insulin pumps, or prescriptions from Healthy Living, we will do the work for you.

Our insurance verification process helps patients because we not only find out what will be covered, but we also help them get the most out of their benefits. We are ready and willing to contact patients’ insurance companies for them with any questions. And we have an expert to head up this process.

Michelle is officially a pro with insurance verification. She has been verifying insurance for medical supply customers for more than 16 years. Her experience goes a long way – she is very familiar with different insurance companies and what they do and don’t cover. How does she work her magic?

For orders that need insurance verification, Michelle starts at each customer’s insurance company website to find the details of the individual’s coverage.

  • Is there a deductible and have they met it?
  • What is the copay?
  • Does the patient have a secondary insurance that needs to be factored in as well?

Through this information, Michelle can estimate what a patient will need to pay out-of-pocket for an order. She is also prepared to call insurance companies for clarification or with questions whenever needed.

After Michelle gathers this info, the Healthy Living Customer Care Team or Insulin Pump & CGM Therapy Team calls patients to let them know about the details of their coverage, equipped to answer further questions or continue with the order.

This is just one step in the eligibility process that the Insulin Pump & CGM Therapy Team helps patients complete. In addition, Healthy Living Pharmacy has their own insurance verification team to assist customers and help them maximize their benefits, working closely with their insurance companies and their doctors.

Let us help you find smooth sailing with your health insurance company for medical supply orders. Reach us…

  • Via phone @ 866.779.8512
  • Via text @ 248.577.9903
  • Via chat @

A Pharmacy 'Where Everybody Knows Your Name'

In the 80’s and early 90’s, the TV show Cheers became known for their tagline and theme song ‘Where Everybody Knows Your Name.’ People were at home and comfortable when they made it to the Cheers bar. Healthy Living Pharmacy is far from a bar, but we think the Cheers tagline fits us awfully well.

Our Small Pharmacy Team Knows Our Patients

When patients call Healthy Living Pharmacy, they won’t get one of a running list of pharmacists that regularly turn over like large chain drug stores. Only Mira, Grace, and Rickelle are there, always ready to help. They know many patients very well, and some patients specifically request each of them by name.

Getting to Know Healthy Living Pharmacy

Learn about what drives our team members.

Mira, Pharmacist - Check out this blog about Mira!

Grace, Pharmacy Tech – On why she loves to create connections with customers:

"What drives me is that I really enjoy helping people.  I truly get a warm and happy feeling after I help someone.  After I help them on the phone, I try to tell the person I am talking to “have a great day.”  I have noticed that after I say that the person on the other end usually gives me a nice response.  It seems like they know I care about them and it makes a connection that tells them they aren't just another phone call.  Sometimes I say enjoy the rest of your day and I hear them sigh like a weight has been lifted.  People just need to know that someone is listening to them and that they matter.  I have had customers like [Emily] who told me that she likes to talk to me and I know her by name and I take extra care with her.  I had a customer last week named [Matt] who called me several times with multiple questions.  He asked me if we are being recorded and then he said I deserved a raise and an extra week’s vacation!  He was great.  It helps to make a connection and recognize their names.  It does improve my customer service because I know they trust that I will follow through and help them out."

Rickelle, Pharmacy Tech – On why it matters to provide excellent customer service:

"Doing my job to ensure that every patient’s medical needs are met to the best of my ability, along with teamwork from co-workers in the pharmacy and different departments – if everyone puts the same amount of effort into it then we will succeed as a company/business and the most important: our customers will be supplied and happy."

Like Your Favorite Corner Pharmacy

Healthy Living offers a neighborhood pharmacy feel, with prescriptions delivered right to your door. Learn more about us at or by calling (866)779-8512 (Option 4).


  • Call us @ (866)779-8512 or text us @ (248)577-9903.
  • Reach us through online chat at
  • Sign up for the Healthy Living Blog at
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  • Visit to electronically complete and sign prescriptions for patients.