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Healthy Living Medical Supply Wishes Our Pediatric Patients with Diabetes a Great Start to the School Year!

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Healthy Living Medical Supply wishes all of our pediatric patients and families a successful start to the new school year! We know that the start of a new school year brings a mixture of excitement along and anxiety for many families - this is the case, perhaps even more so, for children and families impacted by type one diabetes.

Healthy Living Medical Supply understands the unique needs of pediatric diabetes patients better than any other durable medical equipment (DME) supplier - we offer a unique pediatric program featuring free meters to be left at school and a hassle-free supply refill experience that ensures children always have the necessary supplies on hand to be successful living with diabetes. We work hard to ensure that our patients always have enough pump supplies, CGM supplies, and diabetes testing supplies available. 

The new school year is also an opportunity to consider beneficial diabetes technologies that can assist parents by helping them stay better connected to their children throughout the day. Continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) systems from Dexcom and Medtronic help parents stay connected to their child throughout the day via an app on their smartphones - this helps parents monitor blood glucose levels remotely while their child is at school. You may learn more about our CGM systems via our CGM page and by calling a member of our CGM/insulin pump therapy team at 866.779.8512 (option 2) to learn more. 

Check out these additional resources on our website to help children and college-age students living with diabetes at school: 

Getting Ready for Back to School with a 504 Plan

The College Diabetes Network Helps you Live Well at School and Beyond

Healthy Living Medical Supply, based in Detroit, Michigan, is in network with all major insurances in the state of Michigan including Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, Health Alliance Plan of Michigan, Priority Health, Medicaid, and Medicare. Contact us today at 866.778.512 or via website chat to start the simple enrollment process.

Now Shipping: Medtronic Guardian Connect CGM System

Medtronic's Guardian Connect is composed of three key components: the sensor, a bluetooth transmitter that lasts a year, and a mobile app

Medtronic's Guardian Connect is composed of three key components: the sensor, a bluetooth transmitter that lasts a year, and a mobile app

We're excited to share that Healthy Living Medical Supply is now shipping the Medtronic Guardian Connect CGM system! This is a great technology option for any patient who is taking insulin via injections and who isn't quite ready for an insulin pump. Read more about the Guardian Connect CGM system at the Medtronic website

What is CGM? CGM stands for Continuous Glucose Monitoring and is a small, half dollar sized device that goes on your body and measures blood sugar levels every five minutes or roughly 288 times per day. 

What are the benefits of CGM? We've written about this here on our blog before, but in short CGM reduces the number of daily finger sticks while giving patients much greater insight into what is happening with their body's sugar levels. Medtronic Guardian Connect's stand alone CGM system takes readings every five minutes or 288 times throughout the day and night - this is significantly more information than is yielded through finger sticks alone.

What are the top benefits of Medtronic's Guardian Connect CGM System?

1. The data is automatically uploaded directly to the physician's office via Medtronic's CareLink platform. 

2. Predictive alerts for highs and lows are sent out 60 minutes in advance. Predictive alerts are sent out 40 minutes faster than the competition.

3. IBM Watson integration creates actionable trends from user CGM data.

4. Last but not least, Medtronic's Guardian Connect CGM system is significantly less expensive for the patient and health plan in comparison to the competition. Why? Because the transmitter lasts for one year, no receiver is needed, and a month's supply comes with five sensors for a total of 35 days of wear time. This means lower copays for patients, longer sensor wear time and a lower spend for the health plan. 

Most major commercial insurances, including Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan and Health Alliance Plan of Michigan (HAP), will pay for CGM. Contact Healthy Living Medical Supply today at 866-779-8512 to learn more and to begin the easy enrollment process.

Michigan Residents: Keep your business local! Healthy Living Medical Supply is the only locally owned and operated diabetes speciality provider in the state of Michigan...and we provide world class customer service!

We're Hiring - Come Join a Great Team!

We are looking for amazing individuals to hire for our Customer Care, Shipping, and Human Resources teams. We offer a comprehensive compensation package and an awesome team environment. Learn more about a career at Healthy Living and apply by submitting your resume and cover letter to

Sherece Is Our Final 2017 Healthy Living Player of the Week!

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Congratulations on receiving Player of the Week recognition for the second year, Sherece! Rickelle nominated Sherece and shared these thoughts:

“She works really hard with the Customer Service Team and also helps us in the Pharmacy! Sherece is a very awesome person and a hardworking individual with such a bright personality! She is greatly appreciated for her hard work and dedication, and this is my Thank You to her for all of her help!”

We all love working with Sherece, and it’s a joy to be on a team with her here at Healthy Living!!

We love to help!

Best of CGM – Essential Info from Our Most Helpful CGM Blogs

Dexcom & Medtronic CGM Systems (Photo by Emily Lewis)

Dexcom & Medtronic CGM Systems (Photo by Emily Lewis)

If you are living with type 1 or type 2 diabetes, Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) can help you make more informed treatment decisions that can lead to better glycemic control. Learn more about CGM through three of our most valuable blogs from the last year.

Blog 1: Try CGM for More Insights & Tighter Diabetes Monitoring

This article covers the basics and answers questions like:

  • Why is CGM so helpful?
  • How does CGM work?
  • How do insulin pumps and CGM work together?
  • Who can benefit from CGM?
  • How does Healthy Living help you get started with CGM?

Blog 2: The Top 11 Questions about CGM & What You Need to Know

This blog covers these more detailed questions:

  1. What information will I get from Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM)?
  2. Can I set a safe range for my blood glucose readings?
  3. Do I still have to test my blood sugar when I am using CGM?
  4. What parts make up a CGM system?
  5. Do I need an insulin pump to use CGM?
  6. What types of CGM systems are available right now?
  7. How long can I wear CGM sensors before I need to change them?
  8. Can I use the same insertion site for my insulin pump and CGM sensors?
  9. Can parents and other care team members access a patient’s CGM data?
  10. Can I view CGM data on a smartwatch?
  11. Is CGM covered by insurance?

Blog 3: Apple Watch’s Non-Invasive Glucose Tracker: Said to Become the "Holy Grail" in Diabetes

This blog describes what we currently know about the process and progress Apple is making in creating a continuous blood glucose sensor that does not break the skin to pair with the Apple Watch.

We love to help.

You can reach our Insulin Pump & CGM Therapy Team for more information via phone call at 866.779.8512 (Option 2) or text message at 248.577.9903.

Telling the Truth about 8 Insulin Pump Therapy Myths

The Healthy Living Insulin Pump & CGM Therapy Team receives all kinds of questions every day. I sat down with them to learn more about what ‘myths’ or misconceptions people have about insulin pumps. Then, we figured out the best way to explain the truth of the situation!


Myth: An insulin pump is implanted in the body and requires surgery to get started.

Fact: Insulin pumps are worn outside of the body as devices and are attached to a removable site that the patient changes every three days.


Myth: Insulin pumps are big and bulky.

Fact: An insulin pump is about the same size as a small flip phone or a pager (and about half the size of a regular cell phone).


Myth: Pumps are permanent.

Fact: Insulin pumps are removable and can be taken off for showering or swimming, but back-up insulin (shots) must be used.


Myth: With an insulin pump, there is no longer a need to test blood sugar.

Fact: When using an insulin pump, patients still need to test their blood and count carbs. It is recommended to test blood sugars at least four times daily.


Myth: Someone needs to be ‘tech savvy’ to figure out how to use an insulin pump.

Fact: If you can operate a cell phone or remote control, you should be able to work with an insulin pump. Thankfully, pump manufacturers offer great customer support and training.


Myth: Using an insulin pump is more painful than multiple daily injections.

Fact: Inserting an insulin pump site hurts about the same as one shot, but the site only must be changed every three days. The frequency works out to well over 1,000 shots a year with multiple daily injections (MDI), with a little over 100 insertions a year with an insulin pump.


Myth: Pumps are only used for people with Type 1 Diabetes.

Fact: Many insurances cover insulin pumps for people with Type 2 Diabetes, and insulin pump therapy can be a great contribution to the work of managing T2D.


Myth: Insurance won’t cover insulin pumps.

Fact: Our Insulin Pump & CGM Therapy Team can work with customers, their doctors, and their insurance companies to help people with diabetes obtain insurance-covered pumps. Call Crystal and George at (866)779-8512 (Option 2) to check out your options.


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A Big Welcome to MHS Health Wisconsin Members!

Healthy Living Medical Supply has recently become an in-network provider with MHS Health Wisconsin, a managed care company based in Milwaukee. We are excited to offer MHS Health Wisconsin members a broad product selection from a range of diabetes suppliers, including Medtronic and Tandem Diabetes insulin pumps and pump supplies. Healthy Living is ready to provide members with exceptional customer care, including options for text messaging, online chat, refill reminders, and online enrollment.

MHS Health Wisconsin is a wholly owned subsidiary of Centene Corporation and is committed to improving the health of the community through their focus on the individual, a whole health approach, and local involvement.

Our Healthy Living team is looking forward to assisting you with your diabetes supply needs! MHS Health Wisconsin members, get started on our Easy Enrollment page!

We’re here to help!

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·       Text us @ (248)577-9903 or call us @ (866)779-8512.

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The ‘Wear-a-Pump Challenge’ Teaches and Inspires the Healthy Living Team

Healthy Living strives to understand the challenges that people with diabetes experience every day. In the last year, seven Healthy Living Medical Supply employees walked in the shoes of their customers in the ‘Wear-a-Pump Challenge.’ Members of the team wore Medtronic and Tandem pumps for a week to take their training and empathy to a new level.

"Wearing the pump for the past three days has been an illuminating experience to say the least – my understanding of insulin pump therapy is MUCH better even after these few days." – Matt

Before wearing a pump, each employee went through extensive online and in-person training, and later in the week learned to place a new pump site and fill the pump reservoir. The greatest challenge for most participants was carb counting.

"Entering carbs was the hardest thing for me as I am used to just eating and not worrying about it, or I am just hungry and want to eat." – Crystal

The Healthy Living team found there were logistical considerations to take into account with the pumps, from showering and sleeping, to exercising and dealing with tubing.

"My tubing was too long and I got caught on many of the items in my house. On Sunday night, my tubing got stuck on something and ripped the infusion set out of my side and that did not feel good."   – Crystal

Matt had the opportunity to teach his own community about insulin pumps and raise awareness about living with diabetes.

"Just like me prior to starting at work at Healthy Living, most all of my friends/family had no idea what an insulin pump was prior to seeing one on my belt. It definitely provoked some good conversation." – Matt

Everyone had great feedback to share about this enlightening experience!

"It would take some getting used to." – April
"Overall, it is a great experience so far!" – Crystal

Learn more about insulin pump therapy from Healthy Living Medical Supply.

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  • Call us at (866)779-8512 or text us at (248) 577-9903.

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5 Ways to Improve Customer Service & Their Meaning for Healthy Living

The Healthy Living Medical Supply team recently reviewed the blog article What’s the Best Way to Improve Customer Service? 63 Influencers Weigh In. The introduction of the article notes that the most frequent suggestion from these industry-leading experts to enhance customer service was to improve the employee experience.  Let’s check out the top 5 favorites from Healthy Living employees.

Suggestion #1

Nail the basics – drive product knowledge throughout your organization, fix processes that create pain for your customers, design service processes such that customers get their needs met the first time, and ‘make it right’ for affected customers when you inevitably have a breakdown. – Dr. Joseph Michelli

         Employee Response:

Knowledge breeds confidence.  The more we understand our jobs, products, and services, the more confident we will seem to customers.  If customers feel confident that we are always in control of their situation, they will keep coming back.

Suggestion #2

The #1 way to improve your customer service is to first CARE for your employees: Communicate. Appreciate. Recognize. Empower. Truly CARE for your employees and they will do the same for your customers.  – Bill Quiseng


Employee Response:


This stood out to me because if the company employees are not happy, then they will not relay the feeling of happiness or put their all into their job, which can result in bad customer service. I feel that programs like Slack and Bonusly, as well as corn toss, ping pong, workouts, and food days are a few ways that this happens here are Healthy Living. The quarterly meetings and team meetings help with communication as well.

Suggestion #3

First of all, you have to recognize the fact that customers hate to wait. And they really only want two things: a speedy response, and accuracy in the answer. – Matt McConnell

Employee Response: 

This stood out to me because if a customer is given a fast response with a wrong answer, or a correct answer with a long response, they will only remember the negative part of it. We need to always make sure we are giving fast, but correct/accurate responses. It saves frustration for the customers.

Suggestion #4

Any organization can improve the Customer Service by improving their customer centricity. It isn’t just about the call center or customer service department, but every department in the organization. – Colin Taylor    

Employee Response:

This one stands out to me because even if a customer has a great experience on the initial contact, there are still things that can go wrong. Items may not ship on time, or the customer could get an unexpected bill because we were given wrong information. Yes, the customer service team is important because we make the first impression, but we always need to work together as a whole. 

Suggestion #5

The best way for a company to improve its customer service is by taking a walk in the customer’s shoes. We make too many assumptions about what our customers want and how they interpret the things we present to them. – Tema Frank

Employee Response:

We have already started doing this by doing the "Wear a Pump" challenge, and listening to a person with diabetes express their frustrations at our quarterly meeting. This is a great start.

At Healthy Living Medical Supply, we are always trying to serve our customers better and improve as a team.

Check out the original article from OneReach to see all 63 recommendations and decide which ones resonate with you!