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Submit Co-Pays FAST with Online Bill Pay from HLMS

One of the feature requests we receive most often from our customers is the ability to submit co-payments for insulin pumps, insulin pump supplies, CGM supplies, and other diabetes supplies online. While not widely known amongst our customers, this is a service that we currently offer - and once paid, you'll have a copy of your receipts and payment history for future reference. 

Get started with secure and easy online bill pay from Healthy Living today! Simply request to pay your bill online the next time you are working with an agent to submit a co-payment for your order. 

Telling the Truth about 8 Insulin Pump Therapy Myths

The Healthy Living Insulin Pump & CGM Therapy Team receives all kinds of questions every day. I sat down with them to learn more about what ‘myths’ or misconceptions people have about insulin pumps. Then, we figured out the best way to explain the truth of the situation!


Myth: An insulin pump is implanted in the body and requires surgery to get started.

Fact: Insulin pumps are worn outside of the body as devices and are attached to a removable site that the patient changes every three days.


Myth: Insulin pumps are big and bulky.

Fact: An insulin pump is about the same size as a small flip phone or a pager (and about half the size of a regular cell phone).


Myth: Pumps are permanent.

Fact: Insulin pumps are removable and can be taken off for showering or swimming, but back-up insulin (shots) must be used.


Myth: With an insulin pump, there is no longer a need to test blood sugar.

Fact: When using an insulin pump, patients still need to test their blood and count carbs. It is recommended to test blood sugars at least four times daily.


Myth: Someone needs to be ‘tech savvy’ to figure out how to use an insulin pump.

Fact: If you can operate a cell phone or remote control, you should be able to work with an insulin pump. Thankfully, pump manufacturers offer great customer support and training.


Myth: Using an insulin pump is more painful than multiple daily injections.

Fact: Inserting an insulin pump site hurts about the same as one shot, but the site only must be changed every three days. The frequency works out to well over 1,000 shots a year with multiple daily injections (MDI), with a little over 100 insertions a year with an insulin pump.


Myth: Pumps are only used for people with Type 1 Diabetes.

Fact: Many insurances cover insulin pumps for people with Type 2 Diabetes, and insulin pump therapy can be a great contribution to the work of managing T2D.


Myth: Insurance won’t cover insulin pumps.

Fact: Our Insulin Pump & CGM Therapy Team can work with customers, their doctors, and their insurance companies to help people with diabetes obtain insurance-covered pumps. Call Crystal and George at (866)779-8512 (Option 2) to check out your options.


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A Big Welcome to MHS Health Wisconsin Members!

Healthy Living Medical Supply has recently become an in-network provider with MHS Health Wisconsin, a managed care company based in Milwaukee. We are excited to offer MHS Health Wisconsin members a broad product selection from a range of diabetes suppliers, including Medtronic and Tandem Diabetes insulin pumps and pump supplies. Healthy Living is ready to provide members with exceptional customer care, including options for text messaging, online chat, refill reminders, and online enrollment.

MHS Health Wisconsin is a wholly owned subsidiary of Centene Corporation and is committed to improving the health of the community through their focus on the individual, a whole health approach, and local involvement.

Our Healthy Living team is looking forward to assisting you with your diabetes supply needs! MHS Health Wisconsin members, get started on our Easy Enrollment page!

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