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Our Dogs Are Making Healthy Living a Sweeter Place

Simba with George and Jen.

Simba with George and Jen.

Starting on Monday, Healthy Living employees have been invited to bring their dogs to work with them. The only caveat - one dog per day! Simba was our first visitor at the office. He's a little shy but sweet as can be, and we all loved meeting him! Today Christina is bringing her dog to work, and on Monday, my dog Augie will join the crew.

Bringing our dogs to work is all about improving the employee experience and making Healthy Living a positive, upbeat place to work. We all know that happy, appreciated employees take the best care of customers.

Healthy Living Heroes - Meet Christina

Christina defines compassion as, “Putting yourself in someone’s shoes and connecting with them on a personal level to make sure they know that you’re there for them.” She has been working as a Customer Care Agent along with insulin pump & CGM processing for three years.

Sherece Is Our Final 2017 Healthy Living Player of the Week!

Sherece POW 2017.png

Congratulations on receiving Player of the Week recognition for the second year, Sherece! Rickelle nominated Sherece and shared these thoughts:

“She works really hard with the Customer Service Team and also helps us in the Pharmacy! Sherece is a very awesome person and a hardworking individual with such a bright personality! She is greatly appreciated for her hard work and dedication, and this is my Thank You to her for all of her help!”

We all love working with Sherece, and it’s a joy to be on a team with her here at Healthy Living!!

We love to help!

April! Our Second Player of the Week

Announcing…our second Player of the Week! April was nominated by Tammi and these were her comments:

I nominate April for all of her hard work and for stepping up and taking on many tasks in times of being short-staffed. Also for helping me with questions for walk-ins at the Troy office.

April has been working with Healthy Living for six years and is an integral part of our team. To April, the best thing about working at Healthy Living is that, “Because we are a smaller company, we have the opportunity to get to know everyone in the organization by having after-work social hours and seeing people in a non-work setting. It makes us a closer group and more like friends then just co-workers. The comfortable and relaxed atmosphere is why I enjoy working here.”

We are so happy to have the opportunity to recognize April today.

First 2017 Player of the Week: Dave!

Player of the Week - Dave Tucker.png

The season has begun – the Healthy Living Player of the Week is back. Last fall, four Healthy Living team members were chosen and featured on our blog. Players of the Week are nominated by their coworkers for working hard, making key plays, and sacrificing for the team.

Dave was nominated by Sherece, and these were her comments: He is a great co-worker to work with. David is always willing to help out, answer questions, and problem solve…and he is funny.

Dave’s favorite thing about working at Healthy Living is being able to make a difference in someone else’s life, and his role is to make sure orders are shipped out on time and properly. We are all so lucky and blessed to work with Dave, our first 2017 Player of the Week.

Rickelle Keeps Things Super Friendly in the Pharmacy

Rickelle in the Healthy Living Pharmacy (photo by Jennifer O'Donnell)

Rickelle in the Healthy Living Pharmacy (photo by Jennifer O'Donnell)

Meet Rickelle! Rickelle is Healthy Living’s newest Pharmacy Technician, and she has been working here for about seven months. She mostly works with our inhalation patients, including checking in with them regularly to see if they need refills on their supplies. Rickelle also works with new pharmacy patients to help them begin receiving prescriptions from Healthy Living Pharmacy, ensuring that each new patient has a smooth and successful transition.

Rickelle believes that it is extremely important to build relationships with her patients, and it shows. She makes each conversation and interaction with her patients memorable, pleasant, and cheerful. This wonderful woman is very caring and will always go the extra mile for Healthy Living patients to make them feel comfortable and valued.

Describing the philosophy of the Healthy Living Pharmacy team, Rickelle says, “The most important thing for the patients to know is that we care about their privacy and convenience, and we work to save them a trip to the pharmacy by delivering their package to their doorstep, free of delivery charges.” She also explains that she and the pharmacy team create easy transitions for pharmacy transfers and, “For any of our patients who need refills, we will contact the doctor for them.”

Outside of work, Rickelle loves spending time with her one-year-old daughter, Serenity, and her six-year-old son, Jamal. Summer is a wonderful time for Rickelle and her family because they love getting outside and playing at the park! On Sundays, Rickelle and her kids devote their time to church and family.

Rickelle explained, “What I like most about working at Healthy Living is that everyone is all about teamwork and they're all friendly! They are very serious about their work and also making sure that patients are satisfied at the end of the day.”

We are so thankful that Rickelle is part of our team!

Healthy Living Celebrates Customer Service Week 2016 Company-Wide

Healthy Living team members wearing pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month as part of Customer Service Week 2016 festivities.

Healthy Living team members wearing pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month as part of Customer Service Week 2016 festivities.

At Healthy Living, one of our greatest goals is keeping the entire company zeroed in on customer service to maintain a high level of customer care for our members, plans, partners, and fellow employees! As we celebrate Customer Service Week 2016, all departmental teams will participate since everyone has a hand in helping Healthy Living provide extraordinary customer experiences every day.

This year’s Customer Service Week began on Monday, October 3. This week, we’re having fun while celebrating excellence in the area of customer care. We have an exciting schedule for the week including an employee event at Punch Bowl Social, a hardhat tour of the new Healthy Living world headquarters in Detroit, an in-house smoothie day, and lunch from Ned’s TravelBurger. We’re all getting fired up for the corn toss tournament, and we’ll be wearing some special clothes each day – pink for breast cancer awareness month, college attire, hats or wigs, NFL jerseys, and jeans!

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