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DiabetesWise Offers Unbiased Resource to Help Patients Find Right Diabetes Tech

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This is an amazing resource to check out -- DiabetesWise. On this site, you'll find unbiased comparisons to help people with diabetes find the right devices for their lives and their needs. DiabetesWise could become your new hub for navigating the wide range of diabetes devices and technology available today.

On DiabetesWise, you can start with their "Checkup" - a quiz that will help you personalize how you can make your diabetes device routine easier and more effective. Then you can enter the "Wisdom" section where you can filter by your priorities and concerns, then learn about how other people with diabetes have made their choices. Look at their profiles and stories, and learn from their experiences to find what is right for you. This is a great way to gather real-world wisdom.

Next, learn about different device combos, be it sensor and pump, meter and pump, sensor and injections, sensor and smart pump, or meter and injections - and how they may fit in your life. Beyond this, there are guides galore and more specific information for people coming from different backgrounds of using (or not using) devices of different types.

This looks to us like a great site to visit and explore. Find out more about it in the Diabetes Mine article, DiabetesWise: New Hub Helps Match Patients with the Right Diabetes Technology. The article covers the history and creation of the site, as well as a deeper dive into the opportunities DiabetesWise offers.

Healthy Living Salutes Our Labor Day Weekend Work Team!

Happy Labor Day to our customers, providers, and partners!

Happy Labor Day to our customers, providers, and partners!

While Labor Day Weekend for many people means picnics and celebrating the unofficial end of summer, for people with diabetes it can mean delays in the delivery of their needed CGM and insulin pump supplies due to Holiday shipping interruptions. Healthy Living recognizes this and pulled together a Saturday orders processing team to ensure minimal disruption in supply delivery to our customers due to the Labor Day Holiday.

Five members of our Detroit-based customer care team focused on processing refill orders while three members of our shipping team in Troy packed shipments - we even arranged for a special UPS pick-up to in the early afternoon to ensure timely delivery of these critical medical supplies. Our team routinely looks at the calendar for potential supply bottlenecks that may be caused by holidays and plans accordingly. 

While we don't like to have our employees working on holiday weekends, we also realize that we are in the business of supporting people with a chronic disease and on occasion this involves weekend/holiday shifts. Healthy Living salutes our Saturday orders processing team of Donald, Christina, Tammi, John, Steve, Tara, Mansa and George for their work in helping our customers receive their diabetes supplies in a timely manner.

Looking for a durable medical equipment (DME) supplier for CGM, insulin pump supplies, or a new pump? Healthy Living Medical Supply specializes in diabetes related technologies and therapies and takes pride in providing compassionate and efficient customer service to our customers who are living with diabetes. Give us a call at 866.779.8512 (we answer calls FAST), chat with an agent live or fill the form on this page to start the simple, five minute enrollment process to begin receiving your CGM and insulin pump supplies from a group of people that get it.

Healthy Living Medical Supply is in-network with most major insurance companies in the state of Michigan, including Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, Health Alliance Plan of Michigan (HAP), Priority Health, Michigan Medicaid, Medicare, and many others. 

Healthy Living Supplies Throughout Michigan's Upper Peninsula

Sunset on Isle Royale

Sunset on Isle Royale

Hello Michigan Upper Peninsula folks! When I think of the U.P., many great memories come to mind. I think of Copper Country, Tahquamenon Falls, Whitefish Point, Marquette, the Pictured Rocks, chilly Lake Superior, the Soo Locks, remote Isle Royale, the Northern Lights, and crossing the bridge into St. Ignace to the freshest air and ultimate Michigan beauty.

To those of you lucky enough to live in this paradise, we want to let you know that Healthy Living ships supplies throughout not only the Lower Peninsula, but the Upper Peninsula of Michigan as well. We provide insulin pumps, pump supplies, continuous glucose monitoring systems (CGM), and diabetes testing supplies throughout the U.P. So here's a shout out to all of you enjoying Michigan summer in Escanaba, Houghten and Hancock, Marquette, Sault Ste. Marie, Munising, Grand Marais, and other cities, towns, and wild country between!

Healthy Living Medical Supply accepts Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan (BCBS) and many other insurance plans for residents of Michigan's beautiful Upper Peninsula. We're here and ready to help at 866.779.8512 (phone) or 248.577.9903 (text)!

Six Questions to Consider When Choosing Your Diabetes Supply Provider


When you’re getting ready to choose a diabetes supply provider and doing your research, think about some of these questions to help you make an educated decision.

6 Questions to Consider When Choosing Your Diabetes Supply Provider:

1. Will you spend time on hold when calling in?

It is rare to be on hold longer than 15 seconds waiting to speak with a Healthy Living customer care agent.

2. Will you speak with an agent who is competent about the available products?

We frequently engage our team in all forms of learning experiences about the products we provide to our members. Our team has a deep level of knowledge regarding the products and services that we provide and support.

3. Does the company understand that you are busy?

Healthy Living gets it that most people are really on the go so we offer many ways to reach us and make it easy to approve your refills (phone, text, or email). We also offer web chat.

4. How do they take customer feedback?

We routinely measure how we're doing in the area of customer service by using the Net Promoter Score benchmark and survey. In fact, if you go to our website right now (myhlms.com), there is a survey in process and it will pop up on the home page. Customers may also leave feedback at any time via our Contact page. 

5. What do others say?

Healthy Living Medical Supply and many other suppliers are on social media. Search Twitter for the names of the companies you are considering for your supply needs -- what kind of feedback have they received, and can you find complaints or praise about the company? Search Google and read the company’s reviews. Check their Facebook page as well for customer feedback.

6. Do they have banker’s hours?

Many companies in the diabetes supply business offer hours that are not especially convenient for the busy lives that we all lead. Healthy Living is open until 6 pm each weekday and offers weekend service from 9 am – 3 pm on Saturdays as well. Our goal is to be responsive to the needs of our customers so that they never run out of their critical diabetes supplies.

Get in touch with Healthy Living at 866.779.8512 (phone), 248.577.9903 (text), or via webchat at myhlms.com. We are ready to help!

Welcome to Healthy Living, MPCN Members!

We are so excited to welcome Mississippi Physicians Care Network (MPCN) to our Healthy Living community. Members, you can easily reach us with questions or to enroll – we are ready to serve you and help make managing your diabetes supplies simple!

Mississippi Physicians Care Network includes thousands of doctors and specialists and was founded in 1994 by the Mississippi State Medical Association. Their core belief is that the cornerstone of health care is not managed care, but instead the doctor-patient relationship. Healthy Living is proud to partner with MPCN to give patients the best possible care and customer service experience.

We Love to Help.

  • We work with many insurance plan partners.
  • You can approve your refills via text or phone.
  • Our company’s focus is excellence in customer service.
  • In addition to providing supplies, we also have a mail-order pharmacy.
  • Diabetes is our specialty, and we’re prepared to help!

Behind the Scenes: Keeping Scripts Current

Sherece in action!

Sherece in action!

From our perspective, one of the worst things that can happen is when a patient’s prescription is not in-hand when it’s time for an order refill, and we can’t complete a supply order when it’s needed. We work hard to be prepared to help our members avoid these situations.

Our goal is to eliminate supply interruptions and make the process of communicating between doctors, patients, and us as easy as possible. The entire Healthy Living team works behind the scenes to make sure that patients’ prescriptions do not expire so there is no gap or wait time for supplies when they are needed.

Our Prescription Hero

Sherece is one of Healthy Living’s customer care representatives, and she has an important job – to be extremely proactive and stay on top of prescriptions to ensure that reorders progress smoothly for all members. She does this by:

  • Logging new prescriptions and renewals
  • Helping to get prescriptions for new enrollees
  • Verifying receipt of every prescription
  • Ensuring ICD-10 codes are billable
  • Watching that everything is compliant
  • Making sure providers’ NPIs are active

She reviews a report to look for expiration dates that are soon approaching. When Sherece sees that a prescription is nearing its expiration (once it hits about three months before), she contacts the doctor’s office for renewal to make sure there is no break and the script won’t expire before the next order date.

Physicians can submit prescriptions and refills via fax (866.779.8512) or via Docusign on our website (visit myhlms.com/providers to download forms or submit prescriptions online).

Our Commitment

Providers, patients, and all members of the care team expect to have enough supplies available at all times to ensure adherence to the prescribed therapy. Healthy Living works hard to make certain we always have an active prescription on file so customers have the supplies they need to be successful in managing their diabetes.


  • We work with many insurance plan partners.
  • You can approve your refills via text or phone.
  • Our company’s focus is excellence in customer service.
  • In addition to providing supplies, we also have a mail-order pharmacy.
  • Diabetes is our specialty, and we’re prepared to help!


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  • Reach us through online chat at myhlms.com.
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  • Visit myhlms.com/providers to electronically complete and sign prescriptions for patients.


Save Your Money, Save Your Time – With the Healthy Living Online Store

Try a new way to make your life easier by combining your usual order for insurance-covered diabetes supplies with a visit to the Healthy Living online store. Here’s the plan:

  1. Visit the Healthy Living online store at myhlms.com/shop. Place an order for over-the-counter medications, testing supplies, insulin pump accessories, or vitamins (and many more options!).
  2. We ship your online store order with your regular insurance-covered Healthy Living Medical Supply order with no shipping costs.
  3. You save time and money!
  4. Wait for delivery. Open your door, and find all of the products you need on your doorstep.

Keep it simple and use the Healthy Living Medical Supply one-stop-shop!


  • Reach us through online chat at myhlms.com.

  • Call us @ (866)779-8512 or text us @ (248)577-9903.

  • Sign up for the Healthy Living blog at myhlms.com/subscribe.

  • Check out our new online store at myhlms.com/shop for accessories and over-the-counter medications.

  • Visit myhlms.com/providers to electronically complete and sign prescriptions for patients.