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If you haven’t heard about it yet, we would like to introduce Healthy Living’s online store. The store offers a variety of over-the-counter medications, testing supplies, insulin pump supplies, accessories, vitamins, and much more. It is a very simple way to receive what you need with a few straightforward steps, and your order can ship for free with your insurance-based order from Healthy Living Medical Supply!

Our store is focused on assisting people who are living with diabetes. We hope to meet all of your needs, not just through the phone lines, but on the web as well.

New & Updated Products

We are adding new products to the Healthy Living Online Store all the time, mostly based on suggestions from Healthy Living employees and customers. Some of our recent additions have included:

  • Acu-Life Pill Splitter
  • Apex Deluxe Pill Splitter
  • Insta-Glucose Gel
  • BD Magni-Guide Magnifier & Needle Guide
  • BD Safe-Clip Needle Clipping & Storage Device
  • Medicool Pen Plus Diabetes Supply Case
  • Energizer Max AA & AAA Batteries
  • OneTouch Ping Battery Cap

Is there something that you would like to see us carry? Tell your customer care agent and we’ll try our best to make it happen.

Navigating the HLMS Online Store

It’s easy to access the online store. On the homepage, you can view different products by category. Or you can browse the entire store by clicking on the Catalog tab and scrolling through the products. In the Catalog, you can also sift through the product options by using the “Shop By" menu on the left side of the page or using the “Sort by” sub-tab. If you have a specific product you would like to look for, the search bar at the top of the site allows you to type in the item name you want to find. This is a quick way to learn if what you are looking for is available!

Placing an Order from the HLMS Online Store Through a Customer Care Agent

We understand that browsing the web is not for everyone, but don’t let this hold you back from ordering online products from Healthy Living. Healthy Living Customer Care Agents are here to guide you through the site and they can even place an order for you through text or phone call. Just call us at 866.779.8512 or text us at 248.577.9903 with any questions you may have about the online store. We're here to help!

Your Summer Travel Shouldn’t be a Battle...Follow These 5 Tips!

The Beach at Campus Martius, Detroit

The Beach at Campus Martius, Detroit

With summer quickly approaching and warm weather upon us, we might all be getting the itch to take some time off and explore someplace new and exciting. Perhaps a long weekend trip to northern Michigan, or a visit to a bustling and bright city is on the horizon for you. For those individuals living with diabetes, however, it may feel difficult and restricting to take a long and relaxing break from their everyday routine. I am here to supply you with all of the necessary tools and tricks to manage your diabetes with as little stress as possible when visiting all those exciting summer vacation destinations. Following these few tips can help you worry less and manage better while away from home, exploring our beautiful world.

The Top 5 Tips for Traveling with Diabetes This Summer

(All tips and recommendations from the American Diabetes Association.)

Tip #1:

See your doctor before you head out and possibly have a medical exam to ensure your diabetes is in good control. This will give you some peace of mind while away from home.

Tip #2:

Wear a medical ID bracelet or necklace that shows that you live with diabetes. This will be helpful in case of an emergency and allows others to be aware of your medical needs. A medical ID can provide crucial information about your health condition and also list allergies in case of an emergency.

Tip #3:

The ADA recommends that you pack twice as much medication and supplies as you think you will need for the trip. Keeping your supplies in your carry-on bag is important because checked luggage can potentially be lost (if you are flying), and this ensures your medication and supplies are with you at all times. Allow for extra time at the airport because security might take additional time with your insulin pump.

Worried about your insulin pump malfunctioning while away? Worry no more! Medtronic offers a travel loaner program that allows you to take a back-up insulin pump with you on your travels. Here is the link to Medtronic’s webpage to apply for a loaner insulin pump. Keep in mind that it will take about two weeks to receive the pump, so plan accordingly.

Tip #4:

When traveling with insulin, especially if you are traveling by bike or car, you may have to take a few extra steps to keep it at the right temperature. Insulin does not need to be refrigerated, however if you store insulin in places that are too hot or too cold, its effects may be disrupted. Storing insulin in the glove box or somewhere in your car may not be the best option because of potential extreme temperatures. If you are traveling by car, bike, or you are out exploring in hot conditions, try using travel packs to keep your insulin cool. The insulin protector from the HLMS online store may be helpful when carrying insulin for your summer adventures!

Tip #5:

Go check out Beyond Type One’s travel webpage, which will provide you with various stories and tips from people living with diabetes who have traveled the world.

Bonus tip!

Do not let diabetes hold you back from enjoying yourself, great adventure, and good company while you’re on vacation. After all it is called “vacation” for a reason, and it’s made for relaxation!


Dexcom G5 CGM Now Compatible with Android Devices

We know that many of our customers have been waiting for this news! The Dexcom G5 Mobile CGM System has become the first and only CGM platform available for Android in the United States, complementing the 2015 iOS launch. Beginning this month, Android users will have access to the free app for the Dexcom G5 Mobile Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) System, allowing people with diabetes to view and monitor their glucose levels on their mobile devices to manage their diabetes in real time.

The Dexcom G5 Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) System provides real-time glucose readings for patients with type 1 or type 2 diabetes every five minutes. With Dexcom G5 Mobile, dynamic glucose data can be accessed and shared safely, conveniently, and discreetly anywhere, anytime to your smart device.The Dexcom G5 Mobile is the only CGM system approved for adults and pediatric patients two years of age and older. Many individuals living with diabetes appreciate the Dexcom CGM for better insights and more effective diabetes management than traditional blood glucose testing can offer. Check out Dexcom's press release for more details!

Our Healthy Living Insulin Pump & CGM Therapy Team will be available to answer any questions and help you start the process of obtaining a Dexcom CGM system, beginning with verifying your insurance and navigating other qualifications. We are so excited about this awesome new option for our customers and we can't wait to help you learn more. You can reach us at 866.779.8512 (Option 2).

Can Turmeric Help Manage Diabetes? What the Evidence Says…

Curcumin, which is found in the spice turmeric, has been found to help control blood sugar, improve insulin sensitivity, reduce diabetes-related complications, and even prevent diabetes. Check out this article to learn about turmeric, a potential positive addition to your existing diabetes management plan.

Advanced Insulin Pump Workshop Offers Great New Insights

A few weeks ago, when Healthy Living attended the JDRF TypeOneNation Summit in Belleville, our team members chose different breakout sessions to attend. We all learned a lot, and I want to take some time to pool our knowledge and share it with you!

Our Insulin Pump & CGM Therapy team attended a workshop that went in depth on insulin pump therapy, presented by Dr. Lowell Schmeltz. Here are some of the things that Crystal and George learned from the course.

Advanced Features Improve Results

Insulin pumps include many advanced features and functions that patients searching for tighter control of their diabetes can utilize. These optional features can make pumping more complicated, but if used correctly can greatly improve the results of pump therapy.  One example is that some pumps offer is a dual-wave bolus, which contains a normal bolus as well as a second wave of insulin that is delivered over time. This is especially beneficial when eating foods that are high in fat and carbs, like pizza.

Insulin Pump Therapy Requires Focus

Pump users and caregivers need to remember a lot of information and continually go through a number of steps to maintain control with their insulin pumps. Dr. Schmeltz explained that the biggest issue that comes up for individuals using the pump goes back to the basics – entering their carbs for meals. He believes that people should read packages and measure their food for accurate carb counting (instead of estimates and guesses).

Simplifying for Encouragement

Dr. Schmeltz really engaged with attendees and had a great way of simplifying complicated concepts to make pump users feel comfortable with the idea of trying new things. One more of his recommendations was for patients to download their pump data between physician visits so their doctor can review their status at appointment time and make any necessary changes to their regimen.

We also were excited to learn about some of the new pump technology that is being tested, including the artificial pancreas. This new technology is much closer to being available to patients than many of us realized!


Omnipod Insulin Pumps Wow with Many Unique Benefits

Image courtesy of Wikipedia Commons

Image courtesy of Wikipedia Commons

Many people have come to know the benefits of the Omnipod. This community of “Podders” appreciate many really awesome features that make the Omnipod tubeless insulin pump different.

Waterproof + No Disconnect

The Omnipod is waterproof (and sweat-proof), for showering, bathing, swimming, surfing, or dancing in the rain. Because of this, there is never a need to disconnect from the pump. Omnipod’s waterproof qualities also mean that it’s a great pump for active people – adults and kids alike! This pump truly offers continuous insulin delivery with three days of nonstop insulin with no need to disconnect.

Tubeless Convenience

The small, lightweight (weights just 25 grams with an empty reservoir) Omnipod insulin pumps are tubeless, and they can attach to your body at any place where you could inject insulin. This means you can be as discreet as you want to be with your pump insertion site. Plus, there are no tubes to tangle!

Easy to Use

With the Omnipod, you will not be tied to an injection schedule or tethered to an insulin pump. The system is made up of two parts: the tubeless Pod and the Personal Diabetes Manager (PDM), kept nearby to wirelessly program insulin delivery. The PDM has a built-in FreeStyle blood glucose monitor, and the Omnipod can be used with any CGM system.

It has an uncomplicated needle insertion process – the cannula inserts hands-free, and you never have to see the needle. The Omnipod is cleared for people of all ages who have diabetes and use insulin…including children and teens.

Healthy Living Knows the Omnipod System

Matt Montagne, our VP of Strategy & Innovation at Healthy Living shared, “The Omnipod solution is a great option for those people with an active lifestyle who want an easy-to-use and reliable system. Healthy Living has been providing this solution to members for many years – we know it well and appreciate its many benefits!”

Reach out to our Insulin Pump & CGM Therapy Team for more information, or to start the process of obtaining an Omnipod pump. They will verify your insurance to find out if it’s covered for you. Call 866.779.8512 (Option 2), text us at 248.577.9903, or chat with us at

Get to Know Us Beyond the Phone Lines and Text Messages: Meet Amanda

Amanda Riddle.jpg

Meet the delightful Amanda! She is part of Healthy Living’s Customer Care Team and has been with HLMS for about six months. Most of her work involves assisting clients by managing the incoming and outgoing patient texts and phone calls. Her job is an especially important one because Amanda helps ensure that our customers always have the necessary supplies on hand to effectively manage their diabetes, and patients can get their questions answered promptly and kindly.

Amanda describes her top strengths as being outgoing and personable. She is able to get along very easily with people and she is comfortable to talk to, both characteristics that help her work so well with other HLMS team members and customers. These are important strengths at Healthy Living because teamwork is a huge element of our culture and is vital in creating happy customers who keep coming back.

 Some of Amanda’s favorite parts about working at Healthy Living include, in her words: “How supportive and willing to help the staff is. My co-workers are always answering my questions and teaching me new things. It feels like a team effort here. I also enjoy the fact that we have a lot of autonomy here. I know what I'm supposed to do when I come in each day, and I am trusted to do it.”

Amanda is a big fan of Detroit and she especially loves the area of the City where she lives, West Village. She enjoys exploring the unique coffee shops and restaurants in this part of town and appreciates its peaceful and quiet atmosphere. She also likes to spend her time biking in the City and along Detroit’s Riverwalk. Her hobbies include dancing, painting, and spending time with good friends. With summertime right around the corner, Amanda is thrilled to be able to spend time outdoors doing the things that make her happy!

We are so thankful to have Amanda here as a part of our Healthy Living team. She is a joy to work with and continues to ensure that all of her customers are satisfied and left with big smiles on their faces when they finish a phone call or text message conversation with us.

To meet our friendly team and get help with your diabetes supplies, call Healthy Living at 866.779.8512 or text us at 248.577.9903. Talk to you soon!

V-Go Anywhere with Your Insulin Delivery

Healthy Living meeting with the V-Go rep.

Healthy Living meeting with the V-Go rep.

“It is easy, discreet, always there.”

This past week, Healthy Living employees had the opportunity to hear from a few company representatives about the V-Go product. V-Go has been around since 2012, however not many providers and patients are aware of its capabilities for improving patient adherence and outcomes. The company representatives gave us a better understanding of the V-Go system so we can more effectively support customers considering V-Go as a treatment and therapy option.

Informative Past Post about V-Go

A few weeks back, Emily wrote about the V-Go on our blog and since then we have been growing our knowledge on this new technology daily. According to Emily’s post, the V-Go provides a steady rate of insulin 24 hours a day (basal). It allows patients to give themselves a dose of insulin with snacks and during mealtimes (bolus). 

Facts about V-Go

The V-Go is for adult patients and despite the confusion, the V-Go is not an insulin pump. For individuals who are constantly on the go and do not want the bother of multiple daily injections, the V-Go may be an excellent option. The V-Go allows the user to load insulin into the device for a rapid-onset dose of insulin. The device is wearable, discreet, and disposable, however it does need to be changed every 24 hours with a new, insulin-filled, V-Go device. The V-Go is extremely versatile as it can be worn when showering and sleeping.

How Can I Start V-Go?!

Even though the V-Go is not known to many people, it can be a positive substitute for other therapies and injections. Here at Healthy Living, we can verify your insurance and collect all of the necessary documentation needed to receive the V-Go as a medical or pharmacy benefit. There is a process to apply for the V-Go, and the coverage is dependent on your insurance company. With most commercial plans that Healthy Living Medical Supply works with, just a prescription is required from your doctor. However, some plans do require authorization. For plans that need authorization, criteria may include a patient’s qualifying blood work and lab work, tracked by the patient and the doctor. The authorization process takes about two weeks, however the length of time depends on the type of insurance.

What Our Fabulous Reps Say about the V-Go

George K., one of Healthy Living’s customer care representatives, sat down with me to chat about his experience with setting customers up with the V-Go. He said that he has seen an increased interest in the product, and customers who do choose the V-Go usually tend to stay with it.

Healthy Living’s Meeting with V-Go Company Representatives

Some studies have shown that multiple daily injections create challenges for patient adherence. Kris Euler, the V-Go company representative who spoke with Healthy Living employees said, “75% of people do not inject insulin away from home - V-Go increases the chance for people to perform their shots while they are outside of their home." With V-Go, the patient can receive their insulin hassle-free with a simple click of a button. It is known for its overall ease of use.

Further Questions and Information

If you have any other questions about the V-Go and all its benefits, please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Care team at Healthy Living at (866)779-8512. We strive to provide you with the highest standard of service and want to increase your knowledge about different therapy options to help you manage your diabetes the best way possible.


Replay: Meet the Glucagon App - A Place to Learn & Prepare

A view of the Lilly Glucagon app in the App Store.

A view of the Lilly Glucagon app in the App Store.

Lilly Glucagon is designed to treat patients with diabetes and severe hypoglycemia. Do you have a Glucagon kit at home, and do you and your loved ones know how to use it?

You can get a white teaching kit from Lilly by calling (800)LILLY-RX. And to learn more, you could try the mightily helpful Glucagon phone app, simply called “Glucagon.” You can use this app to go through a practice simulation of using Glucagon in an emergency, including how to mix (swirl) the powder and liquid and where to inject (thigh, arm, or buttocks).

Most importantly, there is a special section with instructions for an actual emergency, with animated pictures and audio directions.

The Glucagon app also has a section about “My Kit Information” to help you track where you are keeping your kit(s) in the house and when they expire. There is a function to set reminders to make sure you update your Glucagon kit before passing the expiration date.

In the app's content, you can learn more about this critical emergency treatment tool, including:

  • When it's appropriate to use Glucagon
  • Contraindications and precautions
  • Details about severe low blood sugar
  • Glucagon tips
  • Other helpful diabetes links

Glucagon, Scripts, and Your Insurance

Glucagon is covered by most insurance companies, but it's different for each. It also requires a doctor's prescription. If you are interested in obtaining a Glucagon kit, call Healthy Living Pharmacy at (866)779-8512 (Option 4). Our pharmacy team can help you get set up, including calling the doctor to request a prescription on your behalf.  You can also send us your written prescription, or we can transfer your script from another pharmacy if that would be helpful to you.

JDRF TypeOneNation Summit: Healthy Living Team Highlights

The Healthy Living team at the JDRF TypeOneNation Summit, 2017.

The Healthy Living team at the JDRF TypeOneNation Summit, 2017.

This last Saturday, seven members from the Healthy Living team participated in the 2017 TypeOneNation Summit in Belleville, Michigan, hosted by JDRF. As usual, it provided us with a great opportunity to learn and continue building relationships with customers, potential customers, vendors, and members of the provider community (we were positioned right across from U of M's Mott Pediatric Diabetes Team). There was so much good energy and activity, and a lot of great programming for kids and adults.

HLMS Team Member Highlights

Here are some reflections from our team about the summit:

I also attended Dr. Schmeltz's Advanced Insulin Pumping session. It was truly an eye-opener to see and hear how diabetes can complicate simple tasks I take for granted. Even when using an insulin pump, patients and caregivers must plan carefully and tweak pump settings to do simple things like eat a piece of pizza or go on vacation. Pump technology definitely makes things easier but still demands serious dedication and self-control. I particularly enjoyed the end of Dr. Schmeltz's presentation where he discussed the latest in pump/CGM technology and products coming soon. It seems like the long-awaited artificial pancreas will be ready in the not-so-distant future. –- George K.

The day ended with an inspirational talk by Will Cross, who lives with Type 1 Diabetes and made it to the summit of Mt. Everest ten years ago - it was the kind of message that reminded me that we're here as a company to add value to our customers by making their lives better through exceptional customer care. –- Matt

I attended the "Taking T1D to School" workshop and learned a lot about state-funded schools and how they have to take classes on helping the students with T1D. They need to be able to help the student out if they cannot help themselves, and the student also has the right to test and inject in class without causing an interruption. A lot of parents, especially parents that have kids that are newly diagnosed, do not know much about how much assistance they can get and think it's all up to them, which makes it so much harder for them as well for the child. –- Rickelle

Along with interacting with everyone, I enjoyed attending the Advanced Insulin Pumping session with Dr. Lowell Schmeltz. I learned a lot more about insulin pumping and ways it can be used better for a patient to gain better control of their diabetes.  It was also neat to be able to go to each table and interact with educators, pump/CGM company reps and other organizations/companies that were there. -- Crystal

Personally, I was very excited to meet a couple of gentle therapy dogs at the table next to us. The husband/wife team actually trains each dog specifically for an individual and his or her needs. Related to diabetes, the dogs can learn to smell low blood sugar to alert their owners about the situation. -- Emily

Healthy Living’s Scoop on Insulin Pumps & Medicare

Qualifying for an Insulin Pump with Medicare

If you’re thinking about an insulin pump, start by talking to your doctor to see if you’re a candidate. Healthy Living can walk you through the next steps, including what you’ll need to qualify per Medicare guidelines. People with Type 1 & Type 2 diabetes both can get pumps if they qualify using this criteria:

  • Obtaining qualifying lab results – C-Peptide & fasting glucose, tested on the same day at the same time
  • Currently testing blood glucose 4 times/day
  • Using Multiple Daily Injections
  • Having gone through a comprehensive diabetes education program

Note: If your labs don’t qualify initially, we suggest that you discuss your options with your doctor.

How Medicare Bills for Pumps  

Insulin pumps bill as a rental through Medicare for 13 months. The pump is considered your property after 13 months have passed. Medicare will cover 80% of the insulin pump for qualifying members. If you have secondary insurance, we will verify that insurance to find out if they will cover the remaining 20% of the cost.

The Process for Starting on an Insulin Pump with Medicare & Healthy Living

The Healthy Living Insulin Pump & CGM Therapy Team will work closely with you to guide you through completing your qualifying criteria as well as verifying your insurance to give you estimated out-of-pocket costs for the pump.

Once these pieces are in place and you are ready to order an insulin pump, we will ask you to fill out two Medicare forms: The Assignment of Benefits form and the Rental Agreement. These forms give us permission to bill Medicare on your behalf.

Contact our Insulin Pump & CGM Therapy Team to find out which pumps are available. Once you are on an insulin pump, if your insurance changes or you discontinue using the pump for any reason, please notify us.

For Medicare Insulin Pump Owners

The 13-month rental period is now over and you now own your insulin pump. Your pump has a 4-year warranty offered by the manufacturer. Under Medicare guidelines, patients are eligible for a new pump every 5 years, but exceptions can be made if the 4-year warranty has expired and your pump is malfunctioning.

Contact the Healthy Living Insulin Pump & CGM Therapy Team to find out when you are eligible for a new pump, for help getting started with an insulin pump, or to learn more about pumps or CGM. You can reach them at (866)779-8512 (Option 2).

Replay: Text me! The Benefits of Refill Reminders for Ease & Adherence

We know that our members can’t remain adherent without having their prescribed supplies and medications in hand. A refill reminder system can make a difference for many people, helping them stay on top of their health and compliant with doctors’ orders. At Healthy Living, once a customer enrolls and signs up for reminders, a text or phone call recording is sent every 30 to 90 days, about three days before the necessary reorder date to keep the patient on track with necessary supplies and medications.

text example 2.jpg

Response Rates Are Higher with Reminder Texts

The text reminder option has boosted adherence for Healthy Living customers. We have found that people reorder more readily and frequently via text. For every 100 outbound reminder texts, the Healthy Living customer service team hears back and ships orders for about 70 patients. In comparison, for customers receiving reminder phone calls, only about 30% of patients either confirm their reorder at the moment of the call or by calling back later. Text message reminders really help Healthy Living patients stay on top of their ongoing diabetes maintenance and health.

Adherence Isn’t Easy

In their Global Research Report, Vision & Reality (9th Edition) , Capgemini Consulting researched and found that patient adherence levels drop over the course of care, from 69% of patients filling their first prescription to 43% of patients continuing their treatment as prescribed after six months.

Capgemini defines ‘patient adherence’ as the extent to which a patient follows a prescribed treatment regimen, including taking a drug as prescribed and following physician advice. They identified these patient-related factors as setbacks to compliance:

·       Forgetfulness and attitude

·       Inadequate knowledge of disease and treatment

·       Perceptions of diagnosis and health risks associated with disease and treatment

·       Misunderstanding of instructions and follow-up routing

Can't Help but Love the Text Reminders

Healthy Living is using this study and similar information to help design processes to improve the entire patient experience. Here are some of the comments we have recently received from customers:

  • "Absolutely love that you text me when it’s time to order.  I'm a terrible procrastinator and have often run out of supplies in the past.  The text system is so easy I now always have my supplies. Thank you!"
  • “I love that Healthy Living texts me before I know that I need diabetic supplies for my daughter."
  • “Super friendly service. I've been better about taking care of myself since you've been sending me my supplies. Thank you.”
  • “I really like ordering via text message. I have nothing but positive things to say about Healthy Living. I am so glad to have found you.”

We are excited that we have found a new way to help Healthy Living Medical Supply customers stay healthier!

Lily Is Our Amazing Intern!

Lily in front of Comerica Park.

Lily in front of Comerica Park.

Today, we want to give a very warm welcome to Lily. She will be interning with us at Healthy Living Medical Supply this spring & summer!

Lily is from the Detroit area and plays on the Women’s Golf Team at Ohio University. She will be a senior this fall, studying Communications with a minor in Marketing.

Healthy Living is Lily’s internship of choice this year because of her interest in health care communication. Lily will be working with our health plan members while she’s here, as well as working on the Healthy Living Blog and social media pages.

Lily’s goals in working here are to learn about the best ways to find customers and keep them happy and coming back, better understand how to leverage social media platforms, and how to reach larger audiences. After graduation, Lily is considering a career in Pharmaceutical Sales.

The summer season is ideal for Lily since she loves being active and outside, and especially golfing. We are so happy you’re here, Lily!

Web Chat Is Like Siri for Your Supplies

Check out the web chat box in the bottom right corner!

Check out the web chat box in the bottom right corner!

Meet Healthy Living web chat, your human-powered Siri. Ask us any question you might have!

  • What’s the tracking info on my order?
  • When is my next order scheduled?
  • When does my prescription expire?
  • What’s Healthy Living’s favorite lunch spot in the D?

When you chat with us, you will get one of our website chat channel monitors – Adam, Tyler, or David – they’re friendly guys. :) This is just another convenient way you can interact with your Healthy Living team so we can give you the help and service you need.

You can access website chat by visiting, either through your computer or via your mobile device. It will show right up on the bottom of the screen. We’re available from 8:30 a.m. – 6 p.m. EST. You can also use chat to leave us a message after hours - an agent will get in touch with you early the next day after your message is left.

Chat with you soon!

How Communication with Your Insurance Company Just Smoothed Out

Michelle, our insurance verification expert.

Michelle, our insurance verification expert.

Do you ever get overwhelmed navigating calls and questions with your insurance company? Here’s something wonderful – when you order diabetes supplies, insulin pumps, or prescriptions from Healthy Living, we will do the work for you.

Our insurance verification process helps patients because we not only find out what will be covered, but we also help them get the most out of their benefits. We are ready and willing to contact patients’ insurance companies for them with any questions. And we have an expert to head up this process.

Michelle is officially a pro with insurance verification. She has been verifying insurance for medical supply customers for more than 16 years. Her experience goes a long way – she is very familiar with different insurance companies and what they do and don’t cover. How does she work her magic?

For orders that need insurance verification, Michelle starts at each customer’s insurance company website to find the details of the individual’s coverage.

  • Is there a deductible and have they met it?
  • What is the copay?
  • Does the patient have a secondary insurance that needs to be factored in as well?

Through this information, Michelle can estimate what a patient will need to pay out-of-pocket for an order. She is also prepared to call insurance companies for clarification or with questions whenever needed.

After Michelle gathers this info, the Healthy Living Customer Care Team or Insulin Pump & CGM Therapy Team calls patients to let them know about the details of their coverage, equipped to answer further questions or continue with the order.

This is just one step in the eligibility process that the Insulin Pump & CGM Therapy Team helps patients complete. In addition, Healthy Living Pharmacy has their own insurance verification team to assist customers and help them maximize their benefits, working closely with their insurance companies and their doctors.

Let us help you find smooth sailing with your health insurance company for medical supply orders. Reach us…

  • Via phone @ 866.779.8512
  • Via text @ 248.577.9903
  • Via chat @

Detroit Ranks Third in LinkedIn’s “5 Surprising Cities Rapidly Attracting Millennial Job Seekers”

Spring in Corktown

Spring in Corktown

Detroit made the list! LinkedIn recently released an article based on the job search behaviors of millennials in the U.S. on LinkedIn (which make up 44% of all job searches on their network). Where is this influential group looking to work and live?

Cities with the highest annual growth in job interest among millennials:

  1. Austin, TX
  2. Raleigh-Durham, NC
  3. Detroit, MI
  4. Cleveland/Akron, OH
  5. Charlotte, NC

Over the past year, interest in mid-size cities among millennials has grown 25% faster than large cities. LinkedIn notes that these aren’t (yet) the top cities where millennials have been moving to (over the past year these cities have been Seattle, Portland, and Denver).

LinkedIn sums up this millennial trend: “As the job market has evolved, millennials have continued to thrive and adjust, and as our findings show they are not shy of changing jobs or advancing their careers in less urban cities.”

As for us, there is no surprise that more millennials are looking to join us in Detroit. It’s an exciting place to be!

V-Go Rules Out Multiple Daily Injections & Controls Blood Glucose for Type 2 Diabetes

What is V-Go?

V-Go is a wearable insulin delivery device for adults with Type 2 diabetes who take long-acting insulin, want to reduce their need for injections, and are working to improve glycemic control.

How V-Go Works

The main job of insulin is to control sugar in your bloodstream and keep it within a normal range. However, if you have Type 2 diabetes, your body may not release enough insulin during the day or at mealtimes, which can result in your blood sugar being too high. V-Go provides a steady rate of insulin 24 hours a day (basal) and allows you to give yourself a dose of insulin during snacks and mealtimes (bolus).

V-Go ‘CliffsNotes’

In a short summary, the V-Go:

  • Is wearable & disposable
  • Provides insulin at a steady rate, 24 hours a day
  • Gives supplemental insulin delivery at meal and snack times when the patient clicks their device
  • Eliminates the need for multiple daily injections
  • Needs to be replaced every 24 hours with a new, insulin-filled, V-Go device
  • Uses rapid-onset insulin, either Humalog of Novolog, which the user loads into the device

V-Go from Healthy Living

Although the V-Go is not widely used yet, it can be a positive alternative to multiple daily injections, and Healthy Living can verify your insurance and provide these devices. If you are an adult with type 2 diabetes, talk with your doctor and see if V-Go could be a good fit for you. It’s another good option for managing your diabetes!

Overview of Simple Steps for Using V-Go

  1. Fill with insulin
  2. Apply to body (can be in a discreet place)
  3. Start steady-stream insulin delivery to continue throughout wear-time
  4. Click the V-Go to administer more insulin at snack and mealtimes
  5. Shower and sleep in your V-Go
  6. After 24 hours, dispose of your V-Go and start using a new one
  7. Apply it to a new site and have a great day!

See the official Patient Start Guide from V-Go for more detailed information for set-up and use.

A Switch to Healthy Living Pharmacy Will Help You Live Better: Learn Why

Have you found the best pharmacy for you?

Does your current pharmacy provide these services? Consider these questions and learn how Healthy Living Pharmacy can help in every situation:

  • Can you easily consult with your pharmacist and ask questions about medications?

How we help: Healthy Living pharmacists have knowledge, expertise, and time to listen to understand your situation and answer your questions thoroughly.

  • Do you have to wait in line for your prescriptions?

How we help: Healthy Living Pharmacy provides home delivery at no cost so you can avoid lines and stop making multiple trips to the store, which is especially advantageous for people who are extra busy (most people these days) or for those who have limited ability to leave home safely.

  • Are you looking for pharmacists and pharmacy techs who know your name and understand your individual needs?

How we help: The Healthy Living Pharmacy team is made up of three women – Mira, Grace, and Rickelle – who create connections with patients and become familiar and friendly voices to give you personal attention

  • Is it difficult for you to contact your physician for prescription refills and other concerns?

How we help: Healthy Living pharmacists will contact your physician’s office or insurance company for you when there are questions about your prescription, your coverage, or you need a refill.

  • Do you have a chronic condition that requires monthly medication refills?

How we help: Healthy Living Pharmacy offers automatic refills at the customer’s request and is always ready and flexible to make changes to the order when needed.

How Independent Pharmacies Stack Up

In a Consumer Reports survey of more than 33,000 consumers, independent pharmacies outranked all national retail pharmacy chains and mass merchandisers in terms of:

  • Overall satisfaction
  • Speed and accuracy
  • Courtesy and helpfulness
  • Pharmacist’s knowledge

We think you will feel the same way when you try Healthy Living. Learn more at our pharmacy webpage or call us today at (866)779-8512 (Option 4) to meet our pharmacists and learn about what makes Healthy Living Pharmacy different.

The Top 11 Questions about CGM & What You Need to Know

If you are living with Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes, Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) can help you make more informed treatment decisions that can lead to better glycemic control. 

Top 11 Questions about CGM

1. What information will I get from Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM)?

CGM measures glucose in the tissue fluid throughout the day and night, about every five minutes, and sends the collected data to a receiver, phone, or insulin pump. This information can tell you how your glucose levels are trending, so you can make better decisions about your insulin dosing.

2. Can I set a ‘safe range’ for my blood glucose readings?

You can set thresholds for high and low numbers, and the CGM will alert you when it senses your glucose levels have moved out of the range you set.

3. Do I still have to test my blood sugar when I am using CGM?

With CGM, to calibrate the sensor, you will still have to test your blood sugar 2-4 times per day, depending on the CGM system you have.

4. What parts make up a CGM system?

A CGM system consists of three parts:

  • A small under-the-skin sensor that measures glucose levels
  • A transmitter that attaches to the sensor and transmits data
  • A receiver that displays real-time glucose information

5. Do I need an insulin pump to use CGM?

No – although some CGM systems can tie in with a pump, CGM can be used independently.

6. What types of CGM systems are available right now?

Medtronic and Dexcom both offer CGM systems with different features.

7. How long can I wear CGM sensors before I need to change them?

You can wear sensors for 5-7 days, depending on which CGM system you are using.

8. Can I use the same insertion site for my insulin pump and CGM sensors?

No, CGM and an insulin pump require two different sites.

9. Can parents and other care team members access a patient’s CGM data?

Yes, certain models of CGM systems are compatible with the iPhone to allow care team members to remotely monitor CGM data via text alerts and/or an iPhone app. This can be especially helpful to parents who have children with diabetes, as they can monitor their blood sugar levels from afar (for example, the daughter is at school and her dad is at work).

10. Can I view CGM data on a smartwatch?

Yes, Dexcom G5 will display CGM on an Apple Watch. Visit Dexcom's Apple Watch page to learn more.

11. Is CGM covered by insurance?

Yes, CGM is covered by many insurance plans. Our Insulin Pump & CGM Therapy Team can help you obtain a prescription from your doctor, navigate the insurance verification process, and place your CGM system order. They also help customers with CGM supply refills.

You can reach George and Crystal on the Healthy Living Insulin Pump & CGM Therapy Team at (866)779-8512 (Option 2) and learn more about CGM and the systems we offer at