Healthy Living Is Looking Forward to Grunberger Diabetes Patient Appreciation Day!

Lake Huron in the morning (photo by M. Lewis)

Lake Huron in the morning (photo by M. Lewis)

Next weekend, Grunberger Diabetes Institute in Bloomfield Hills will host its Patient Appreciation Day. Grunberger Diabetes Institute provides comprehensive patient evaluation and treatment of diabetes and diabetes-related conditions. Healthy Living will have a table and be ready to meet members of the  Institute’s community, talk about insulin pumps and CGM, and enroll attendees for home delivery of diabetes supplies. In addition to educational resources, the event will also have a photo booth for fun, and food and drink.

Grunberger patients – if you haven’t heard, we’re in network with HAP now! Whether you’re a busy parent with a child who’s living with T1D or a member of HAP’s Medicare plan, we can take care of your supply needs with outstanding customer service. Here is a list of all the insurance plans we partner with.

See you there!

Rickelle Keeps Things Super Friendly in the Pharmacy

Rickelle in the Healthy Living Pharmacy (photo by Jennifer O'Donnell)

Rickelle in the Healthy Living Pharmacy (photo by Jennifer O'Donnell)

Meet Rickelle! Rickelle is Healthy Living’s newest Pharmacy Technician, and she has been working here for about seven months. She mostly works with our inhalation patients, including checking in with them regularly to see if they need refills on their supplies. Rickelle also works with new pharmacy patients to help them begin receiving prescriptions from Healthy Living Pharmacy, ensuring that each new patient has a smooth and successful transition.

Rickelle believes that it is extremely important to build relationships with her patients, and it shows. She makes each conversation and interaction with her patients memorable, pleasant, and cheerful. This wonderful woman is very caring and will always go the extra mile for Healthy Living patients to make them feel comfortable and valued.

Describing the philosophy of the Healthy Living Pharmacy team, Rickelle says, “The most important thing for the patients to know is that we care about their privacy and convenience, and we work to save them a trip to the pharmacy by delivering their package to their doorstep, free of delivery charges.” She also explains that she and the pharmacy team create easy transitions for pharmacy transfers and, “For any of our patients who need refills, we will contact the doctor for them.”

Outside of work, Rickelle loves spending time with her one-year-old daughter, Serenity, and her six-year-old son, Jamal. Summer is a wonderful time for Rickelle and her family because they love getting outside and playing at the park! On Sundays, Rickelle and her kids devote their time to church and family.

Rickelle explained, “What I like most about working at Healthy Living is that everyone is all about teamwork and they're all friendly! They are very serious about their work and also making sure that patients are satisfied at the end of the day.”

We are so thankful that Rickelle is part of our team!

Getting Ready for Back-to-School with a 504 Plan

(Flickr, woodleywonderworks)

(Flickr, woodleywonderworks)

Nothing can beat the freedom of summer. I am sad to say that back-to-school time is coming back around the bend. There are many resources that can help you and your kids get ready to head back to the classroom with diabetes.

One aspect of planning that is especially important for children with diabetes is the 504 Plan. According to Beyond Type 1, “A 504 Plan ensures that no student with any sort of disability is discriminated against, and is given the same education as every other student, all the while being provided a safe space to manage their condition as needed during school.”

To learn more and work on developing a 504 Plan for your child, here are some awesome resources:

Enjoy August and savor the rest of your summer!

Come Check Out the JDRF Summer Bash in the "D"!

Get ready for sand volleyball! (

Get ready for sand volleyball! (

Are you ready for sand volleyball, basketball, and a morning full of fun outdoor activities? Have you heard about the JDRF Summer Bash in the "D" coming up next week on Saturday, August 19? The event is free to attend and, in addition to the fun, will offer free drinks and snacks, and resources on subjects like:

  • Back to school tools and information
  • Fitness and sports tips
  • The latest in T1D technology and products
  • JDRF OneWalk, Ride, and Marathon info (coming up soon!)

Registration is required - click here to register.

Healthy Living will be sponsoring the event, and we'll be there! Come talk to us about enrolling for CGM, starting on an insulin pump, or upgrading to a new pump. Or just come by to learn about the newest technology out there for T1D. We'd love to talk with you or challenge you to a game of giant Connect Four!

More details about the event:


  • Reach us through online chat at

  • Call us @ (866)779-8512 or text us @ (248)577-9903.

  • Sign up for the Healthy Living blog at

  • Check out our online supply store at for accessories and over-the-counter medications.

  • Visit to electronically complete and sign prescriptions for patients.

Adult Summer Cooking Classes Excite at Eastern Market

Eastern Market in the Summer (Wikipedia Commons)

Eastern Market in the Summer (Wikipedia Commons)

Did you know that Eastern Market is offering cooking classes this summer? I checked out the schedule, and there are plenty of enticing adult classes still open. Each class is $15, or $12 for seniors. The upcoming schedule includes:

  • Baking Quick Breads and Biscuits – August 15
  • Breakfast Foods a Go-Go – August 22
  • Slow-Cooked Pork with Tomatoes and Sweet Corn Broth – August 29
  • Pan-Fried Lake Perch with Remoulade, Wild Rice, and Green Beans – September 5
  • Chicken Breast with Fresh Greens, Peppers, and Grits – September 12
  • Steak with Potatoes, Roasted Vegetables, and Mushroom Demi-Glace – September 19

Shed 5 houses the Eastern Market Community Kitchen, where classes are held from 1 pm to 3 pm on each specified date. Register for classes here. I just signed up to try one myself!

MIT Researchers Developing Color-Changing Tattoo Inks that Could Help Track Health

Flickr, Rebecca Brown

Flickr, Rebecca Brown

In the project called DermalAbyss, the “body surface is rendered an interactive display.” In collaboration, MIT and Harvard Medical School researchers are creating tattoo ink that has biosensors to respond to changes in the body, such as blood sugar, pH, and sodium levels. The ink color shifts in response to changes in interstitial fluid.

This work could be of special interest to people with diabetes. The sensor ink changes from blue to brown as blood sugar rises, and researchers hope that one day users will be able to monitor their glucose levels and need of insulin through their own tattoo color changes.

DermalAbyss “blends advances in biotechnology with traditional methods in tattoo artistry” and is currently in the proof-of-concept change. The next challenge for the researchers will be to test the biosensor liquid in animals for adverse reactions and possible allergies. And of course the biggest goal is to make the tattoo indicators as accurate as possible, as reliable as a blood glucose test.

Sources for article information and more images can be found at:

The Summer Power Smoothie to Keep You Going

Summer is a time for outdoor activities, fresh grown foods, and lots of sunshine. Take advantage of readily available and locally grown fruits and vegetables during this time. Adding these into a power smoothie will not only help you get all the nutrients you need, but will also keep your energy up during those long, hot summer days. Try out this smoothie recipe and check out all of the benefits that come along with each ingredient. Enjoy!

Smoothie Ingredients

Blend together:

  • 1 banana
  • 1 cup blueberries or raspberries (or any fruit you like)
  • ½ cup kale
  • ½ cup plain, Greek yogurt
  • 1 tablespoon honey
  • 1 tablespoon turmeric
  • 1 tablespoon flaxseed
  • 1 tablespoon chia seed
  • 1 splash of coconut or almond milk
  • 1 serving of protein powder (flavor of your choice)

***Add water, additional coconut milk, or ice as needed for consistency***

Benefits of Ingredients:

Bananas: Rich in fiber and antioxidants, also provide excellent fuel for endurance exercise.

Blueberries: High in fiber, support digestion, sometimes called the king of antioxidant foods.

Kale: High in iron, vitamins, antioxidants, and a natural detoxifier.

Greek yogurt: Packed with calcium and probiotics to help keep you regular and boost your immune system, also a great protein source. My favorite Greek Yogurt.

Honey: Nature’s sweetener!!! Delivers a fast boost of energy to your body. If your honey is local, it can also help fend off allergies.  ***Tip: Make sure your honey is pure and raw.***

Turmeric: A potent anti-inflammatory, meaning it reduces inflammation in your entire body which can otherwise lead to disease and health complications. Also helps you heal faster and brings more nourishment and extra immune activity to the site of an infection or injury. See Emily’s past post about turmeric's benefits for people with diabetes.

Flaxseed: Provides Omega-3 essential fatty acids, "good" fats that have been shown to have heart-healthy effects, also improves skin and hair health.

Chia seed: A great source of plant protein to keep your muscles happy and healthy, high in fiber, and also rich in antioxidants and Omega-3 fatty acids.

You don’t have to follow this recipe exactly! Enjoy and make your own creations! Try out different ingredients and combinations for a variety of taste and color!

Note: Please consult your provider for medical advice.

Best of CGM – Essential Info from Our Most Helpful CGM Blogs

Dexcom & Medtronic CGM Systems (Photo by Emily Lewis)

Dexcom & Medtronic CGM Systems (Photo by Emily Lewis)

If you are living with type 1 or type 2 diabetes, Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) can help you make more informed treatment decisions that can lead to better glycemic control. Learn more about CGM through three of our most valuable blogs from the last year.

Blog 1: Try CGM for More Insights & Tighter Diabetes Monitoring

This article covers the basics and answers questions like:

  • Why is CGM so helpful?
  • How does CGM work?
  • How do insulin pumps and CGM work together?
  • Who can benefit from CGM?
  • How does Healthy Living help you get started with CGM?

Blog 2: The Top 11 Questions about CGM & What You Need to Know

This blog covers these more detailed questions:

  1. What information will I get from Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM)?
  2. Can I set a safe range for my blood glucose readings?
  3. Do I still have to test my blood sugar when I am using CGM?
  4. What parts make up a CGM system?
  5. Do I need an insulin pump to use CGM?
  6. What types of CGM systems are available right now?
  7. How long can I wear CGM sensors before I need to change them?
  8. Can I use the same insertion site for my insulin pump and CGM sensors?
  9. Can parents and other care team members access a patient’s CGM data?
  10. Can I view CGM data on a smartwatch?
  11. Is CGM covered by insurance?

Blog 3: Apple Watch’s Non-Invasive Glucose Tracker: Said to Become the "Holy Grail" in Diabetes

This blog describes what we currently know about the process and progress Apple is making in creating a continuous blood glucose sensor that does not break the skin to pair with the Apple Watch.

We love to help.

You can reach our Insulin Pump & CGM Therapy Team for more information via phone call at 866.779.8512 (Option 2) or text message at 248.577.9903.

Michigan Medicaid Covered by Healthy Living for Diabetes Testing & Insulin Pump Supplies

Sunset at Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore, Michigan (Photo via

Sunset at Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore, Michigan (Photo via

Are you covered by Medicaid and looking for diabetes testing supplies or insulin pump supplies? At Healthy Living, we've been serving Medicaid members in Michigan and a few other states for many years. We have the know-how to make it easy for members with Medicaid to acquire the supplies they need to follow their care plans.

When you call Healthy Living, you will be served by a member of our Customer Care Team or Insulin Pump Therapy Team, depending on your needs. You’ll also find out that there are many ways to communicate with us: text, phone, chat, email…We are ready to help you!

Find out what insurance plans we accept here. If you have another insurance provider, please send us a text message at 248.577.9903 or call us at 866.779.8512 so that we can verify coverage.

Beacon Park Kicks Off Vibrant New Detroit Space

Beacon Park seating & gardens (Photo by Emily Lewis)

Beacon Park seating & gardens (Photo by Emily Lewis)

I just had a lovely visit to Beacon Park, located at the corner of Grand River and Cass Ave. Just a couple of weekends ago, the Park had opening festivities including concerts by Robert Randolph & the Family Band and Lord Huron, a movie screening, a Detroit makers market, food trucks, and a gospel brunch.

When I went to Beacon Park today at lunchtime, there were two food trucks (Bombay Indian and Chicken & Waffles), many people enjoying the day, beautiful gardens, live music, and kids and adults dancing in the center green! It was a happy place to be!

The park is 1.5 acres and is setting up to be like a second Campus Martius. Lumen, the park’s in-process restaurant (to have a green roof and rooftop seating) hasn’t opened yet but looks like it’s going to be vibrant and exciting! It’s scheduled to open in Spring of ’18. Beacon Park also has huge seesaws set up – I have to try them! 

View of Beacon Park Green and Lumen (Photo by Emily Lewis)

View of Beacon Park Green and Lumen (Photo by Emily Lewis)

The park was financed by DTE Energy, and the DTE Foundation is funding the programming for more than 600 events planned at the park through the end of this year. Watch for more about Beacon Park and visit this awesome new space! Find out more about what’s going on at the Beacon Park Facebook page.

Highlighting the Revolutionary Medtronic 670G – Features & Reviews

Medtronic MiniMed 670G (Photo by Steve Wood)

Medtronic MiniMed 670G (Photo by Steve Wood)

The Medtronic MiniMed® 670G System is the world’s first hybrid closed loop insulin pump system, sometimes referred to as an artificial pancreas. The system constantly self-adjusts to automatically keep your sugar levels in range, based on how you live your everyday life. This FDA-approved system is specialized for type 1 diabetes patients, ages 14 and over, and requires a prescription.  The Medtronic MiniMed® 670G System is now shipping.

3 New Features that Set the 670G Apart from Earlier Insulin Pumps:

1.     Manual Mode – Suspend-before-low option helps you avoid lows and rebound highs proactively by automatically stopping insulin 30 minutes before you reach pre-selected low limits, then automatically restarting insulin when your levels recover (without alerts).

2.     Auto Mode – Automatically adjusts basal insulin delivery up and down every 4 minutes, based on your sugar levels, to keep you in target range, all day and night. The system can temporarily change your glucose target during athletic activity to help maintain a safe range.

3.     Guardian sensor 3 continuous glucose monitoring sensor – Offers seven-day wear and easy insertion, and is the first and only CGM sensor that is FDA-approved and trusted to control insulin dosing.

Other Medtronic MiniMed® 670G System Highlights:

  • Glucose levels are automatically kept within range all night long for a restful, uninterrupted night’s sleep.
  • The system is waterproof, with a bright color screen.
  • At meals and snacks, only check your glucose and enter the number of carbs when you administer a bolus. The 670G system will do the math to regulate your insulin and keep glucose levels in range without any necessary insulin injections.

Speaking from Experience

Jason Gensler is a person with type 1 diabetes and the founder of the Foundation for Type One Diabetes. Jason has been wearing the Medtronic 670G for the last 2 years or so and can share these insights (in his words):

  • "I am experiencing very impressive results, yet I’m only testing 4-5 times per day and calibrating three times."
  • "I’d say the best aspect is that the system itself is so intuitive and user-friendly. It’s always one step ahead, and the sensor is incredibly accurate."
  • "It’s a relief! The day that it sinks in, when you realize that you’ve relinquished a majority of the control to the pump, is the day you begin to experience the freedom that so many of us haven’t had since the day we were diagnosed."
  • "Living with T1D is hard, and staying positive can be even harder, but I’d like to remind everyone to appreciate just how far our industry has come. The technology that has been developed in the last few years is unbelievable! Let’s all be grateful that we live in a time where technology can help us lead normal lives, and that we can’t have unrealistic expectations and find a cure yesterday."

Sources for Jason Gensler quotes:

Learn more about the 670G directly from the Medtronic website

Getting Involved with Detroit Urban Farming is Easier than You May Think

Earthworks Urban Farm (Flickr, detroitspun)

Earthworks Urban Farm (Flickr, detroitspun)

Indisputably, one of the most exciting things happening in Detroit right now is the growth and community-building impact of urban farming, with nearly 1,500 gardens and farms across the City. This movement is helping to create a food system where all communities have access to fresh, healthy food.

Many people are really enthusiastic and encouraged by the work that is happening in the Detroit urban farming community and want to learn more but don’t know where to look. Whether you live in Detroit or not, here are 3 Awesome Ways to Get Involved:

  1. Participate in the 20th Annual Tour of Detroit Urban Gardens and Farms, hosted by Keep Growing Detroit. This year’s event takes place on August 2. Look at the variety of bus and bike tours that are offered to different areas of the City and sign up here.
  2. Volunteer at a farm that welcomes short-term helpers like Earthworks Urban Farm, Plum Street Market Garden, or Michigan Urban Farming Initiative. These gardens have scheduled volunteer hours each week when you can drop in and work.
  3. Sign up for Grown in Detroit CSA Shares. Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) supports local farmers when you buy a share for as little as a month at a time, with pick-up once a week at the Plum Street Garden Market. Growers receive 100% of the profits from the produce sold.

Get your hands dirty with Detroit urban farming!

Medtronic 670G Is Now Shipping!

Medtronic's much-anticipated new hybrid closed loop system is shipping. This product has the potential to help patients spend more time in optimal blood sugar range while lowering the number of treatment decisions that a patient needs to make each day.

Shipping Updates

Are you interested in getting started with the new 670G hybrid system? This is what you need to know:

  1. The Healthy Living Medical Supply Insulin Pump & CGM Therapy Team (Crystal & George) can help you navigate the process, including verifying your insurance and copays, obtaining qualifying bloodwork, and learning about your personal options.
  2. There is a backlog of the new continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) sensors that are compatible with the 670G – the sensors will most likely not be available until November of 2017. For now, customers can get started using the 670G and then add CGM once it is available in late fall.
  3. For current Medtronic pump customers who are already using CGM with an older pump, you will need to hold off entirely on the new system until this fall. This is Medtronic’s policy so that you won’t have to go off CGM for the next 4-5 months. 
  4. If you already have a pump, it needs to be out of warranty to qualify for a 670G. Contact us at 866.779.8512 (Option 2) to determine if your pump is out of warranty and what your options are!

Look for an upcoming blog with more details about the functionality and benefits of the Medtronic 670G. 

CGM Basics: Clarifying the System & Benefits in 5 Questions

Checking CGM data on an iPhone, image from

Checking CGM data on an iPhone, image from

Over a big group dinner the other night, I found out that there is a considerable amount of confusion about both what CGM is and the differences between CGM and insulin pumps. Hopefully this blog will help shed some light on these questions!

1. What information will I get from Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM)?

CGM measures glucose in the tissue fluid throughout the day and night, about every five minutes, and sends the collected data to a receiver, phone, or insulin pump. This information can tell you how your glucose levels are trending, so you can make better decisions about your insulin dosing.

2. How can CGM help me manage diabetes better?

A continuous glucose monitor is a small wearable device system that tracks your glucose throughout the day and night, notifying you of highs and lows so you can take action. A CGM system consists of 3 parts:

  • Small, under-the-skin sensor that measures glucose levels
  • Transmitter that attaches to the sensor and transmits data
  • Receiver that displays real-time glucose information

3. Are there additional benefits of CGM?

Continuous glucose monitoring can help you make the best possible decisions since you'll be able to see your trend data provided by the CGM instead of basing choices only on a number from a blood glucose meter reading. You can also set thresholds for high and low numbers, and the CGM will alert you when it senses your glucose levels have moved out of the safe range you set.

4. Is CGM covered by insurance?

Yes, CGM is covered by many insurance plans. Our Insulin Pump & CGM Therapy Team can help you obtain a prescription from your doctor, navigate the insurance verification process, and place your CGM system order. They also help customers with CGM supply refills.

5. What is the difference between CGM & insulin pumps?

Continuous glucose monitoring collects information on your blood glucose levels. This information can be used for proper insulin dosing through your insulin pump. CGM and insulin pumps can be used separately (a person can use just one or the other) or together.


Review: Why Perfectly Healthy People Are Using Diabetes Monitors

Fresh abundance, image from Thinkstock.

Fresh abundance, image from Thinkstock.

We found this article in Time magazine about how continuous glucose monitors are beginning to be used by people who are not living with diabetes. This may sound surprising, but it also makes some sense.

A continuous glucose monitor (CGM) is a federally approved medical device that tracks blood sugar levels for people with diabetes. The CGM patch has a small needle that probes the inside of a person’s arm or other area of the body, and a sensor that tracks changes to blood sugar in real-time. The data is then sent to the wearer’s smartphone or another device.

Here is a summary of the article:

  • In the “quantified-self” movement, some people say it makes sense to track their blood sugar and learn a lot about nutrition and exercise, especially given all the recent attention to the risks (like diabetes, heart disease, and obesity) associated with over-consumption of sugar and processed carbohydrates.
  • Tabb Firchau, an entrepreneur from Seattle, had been wearing a CGM for about a month at the time of the article to track (and then adjust) what was happening in his body. He said, “I’ve been trying to learn why some days I feel fantastic, and other days I don’t. I had a cinnamon roll recently and my blood glucose doubled in 60 minutes. The monitor helps you understand the costs of the decisions you are making.”
  • To obtain a CGM, people without diabetes must either convince a doctor to prescribe one or purchase them online on sites like eBay. Even if a doctor prescribes one, it’s highly unlikely insurance would cover the system for someone without diabetes. It’s estimated that CGMs cost $5–10 per day, or around $3,000 a year for replacement parts.
  • Some people believe, “There’s a need for some analytics that could process the data appropriately and provide [actionable] information to people versus a datastream every five minutes.”
  • CGM users are making their own great observations. Exercise is known to be helpful for blood sugar regulation and Damiano, a doctor who uses CGM personally, says he notices “profound” drops in his blood sugar while on walks in the woods. “If you have a meal and blood sugar rises, take a walk, it’s like magic,” he says. “It can reinforce people to think about exercise after meals.”
  • The company Sano Intelligence is planning to release a continuous glucose monitor to the general public sometime soon.

Continuous glucose monitoring could be an incredible, motivating tool to help any person make better decisions about what they eat and drink. Check out the article!

Apple Watch’s Non-Invasive Glucose Tracker: Said to Become the “Holy Grail” in Diabetes

Apple Watch, image from

Apple Watch, image from

From Hints to a Peek at an Apple Watch CGM

Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, told students at the University of Glasgow in February that he had been wearing a glucose tracker, and that it helped him understand the impact of different foods on his blood sugar levels. Fast-forward to April. News surfaced that Apple was developing a solution, integrated with its Apple Watch, to diagnose and manage diabetes, with a non-invasive sensor that continuously measures blood glucose levels. One month later – May. Tim Cook was spotted wearing a prototype glucose tracker that pairs with the Apple Watch around Apple’s campus.

For over five years, Apple has had a team of biomechanical engineers working on developing a continuous blood glucose sensor to pair with their Apple Watch that does not break the skin. Their Palo Alto-based research team has already begun feasibility tests with the tracker they have engineered to date. Apple calls their challenging intention of creating this technology the “holy grail” in diabetes.

"It's mentally anguishing to stick yourself many times a day to check your blood sugar," Tim Cook said, according to CNBC. "There is lots of hope out there that if someone has constant knowledge of what they're eating, they can instantly know what causes the response... and that they can adjust well before they become diabetic."

Speculation about the Tracker’s Functionality & Watch Integration

Based on the description from CNBC, it sounds like the tracker Cook is wearing is a separate, independent unit that communicates to the Apple Watch over Bluetooth, as opposed to a feature integrated inside the Watch itself. Some are hypothesizing that Apple will sell the glucose tracker as an additional accessory. This could be especially helpful since the blood monitoring feature requires approval and regulation of the FDA. If Apple sells the tracker as a separate accessory, they will be able to avoid adding regulatory procedures to the production of the entire Apple Watch.

One report indicated that Apple would manufacture smart bands that expand the Watch with additional functions, meaning the glucose monitor could become a part of one of those separate smart bands, which would communicate with the core Apple hardware.  

The Apple Watch & Health Monitoring

If Apple can successfully create this next-generation glucose monitor, it will transform the Apple Watch from a wearable accessory to a revolutionary health device, beyond heart rate and activity tracking. Tim Cook recently told a group: "This is an area where I'm very excited about Apple's contribution. Very excited."

Upcoming Dexcom Integration

Dexcom is an existing, trusted leader in continuous glucose monitoring technology. Apple announced at their recent WWDC (World Wide Developer Conference) that they were releasing a Bluetooth API for their Apple Watch that would allow it to pair directly with health sensors such at Dexom CGM.

Article References

Living with COPD: 7 Strategies for Better Management

You may be familiar with COPD – chronic obstructive pulmonary disease is a chronic lung disease that gets worse over time. This disease damages the airways in the lungs and leads to shortness of breath, impacting work, exercise, sleep, and other everyday activities.

Even if you are living with COPD, you can still maintain a high quality of life. Try making some changes or careful choices based on these recommendations so you can stay active and continue enjoying your life while managing COPD.

7 Strategies for Better COPD Management

Use each link to delve into details about the subjects below. Information and links come from the American Lung Association.

1.      Protect Your Lungs: Since your lungs are weaker when you have COPD, learn how to reduce exposure to anything that could make your COPD worse (like smoking) or could cause an exacerbation or flare-up.

2.      Be Thoughtful about Nutrition: Many people are surprised to learn that the food they eat can affect their breathing. The right mix of nutrients in your diet can help you breathe easier.

3.      Be Intentional with Physical Activity: When you have COPD, the right amount and type of exercise can have many benefits and is important for staying healthy.

4.      Learn to Cope with Emotions: Find ways to get emotional support and learn to recognize and handle feelings of fear, anxiety, depression, or stress.

5.      Make a Plan: Use the American Lung Association’s COPD management tools and resources.

6.      Manage Lifestyle Changes: Follow the steps at this link to manage the lifestyle changes that COPD brings.

7.      Plan for Your Future with COPD: Discuss some important points about your future care with your doctors and caregivers.

How Is COPD Treated?

Physicians work closely with their patients to select the best treatment options for managing COPD. Treatments may include medications, rehabilitation, or surgery. Since each person’s COPD is different, a variety of medications can be used to create the best plan to address an individual’s symptoms and needs. Benefits of taking the right medication at the right time include:

  • Breathing better
  • Being able to do more of the things you enjoy
  • Having fewer flare-ups or exacerbations

Learn more about COPD treatment.

Inhalation Medications from Healthy Living Pharmacy

If you are taking medications to manage your COPD, try working with Healthy Living Pharmacy to obtain your prescriptions with concierge-level customer service and free shipping to your home. Call 866.779.8512 (Option 4) to speak with a pharmacist! 

Shop HLMS Online

If you haven’t heard about it yet, we would like to introduce Healthy Living’s online store. The store offers a variety of over-the-counter medications, testing supplies, insulin pump supplies, accessories, vitamins, and much more. It is a very simple way to receive what you need with a few straightforward steps, and your order can ship for free with your insurance-based order from Healthy Living Medical Supply!

Our store is focused on assisting people who are living with diabetes. We hope to meet all of your needs, not just through the phone lines, but on the web as well.

New & Updated Products

We are adding new products to the Healthy Living Online Store all the time, mostly based on suggestions from Healthy Living employees and customers. Some of our recent additions have included:

  • Acu-Life Pill Splitter
  • Apex Deluxe Pill Splitter
  • Insta-Glucose Gel
  • BD Magni-Guide Magnifier & Needle Guide
  • BD Safe-Clip Needle Clipping & Storage Device
  • Medicool Pen Plus Diabetes Supply Case
  • Energizer Max AA & AAA Batteries
  • OneTouch Ping Battery Cap

Is there something that you would like to see us carry? Tell your customer care agent and we’ll try our best to make it happen.

Navigating the HLMS Online Store

It’s easy to access the online store. On the homepage, you can view different products by category. Or you can browse the entire store by clicking on the Catalog tab and scrolling through the products. In the Catalog, you can also sift through the product options by using the “Shop By" menu on the left side of the page or using the “Sort by” sub-tab. If you have a specific product you would like to look for, the search bar at the top of the site allows you to type in the item name you want to find. This is a quick way to learn if what you are looking for is available!

Placing an Order from the HLMS Online Store Through a Customer Care Agent

We understand that browsing the web is not for everyone, but don’t let this hold you back from ordering online products from Healthy Living. Healthy Living Customer Care Agents are here to guide you through the site and they can even place an order for you through text or phone call. Just call us at 866.779.8512 or text us at 248.577.9903 with any questions you may have about the online store. We're here to help!

Your Summer Travel Shouldn’t be a Battle...Follow These 5 Tips!

The Beach at Campus Martius, Detroit

The Beach at Campus Martius, Detroit

With summer quickly approaching and warm weather upon us, we might all be getting the itch to take some time off and explore someplace new and exciting. Perhaps a long weekend trip to northern Michigan, or a visit to a bustling and bright city is on the horizon for you. For those individuals living with diabetes, however, it may feel difficult and restricting to take a long and relaxing break from their everyday routine. I am here to supply you with all of the necessary tools and tricks to manage your diabetes with as little stress as possible when visiting all those exciting summer vacation destinations. Following these few tips can help you worry less and manage better while away from home, exploring our beautiful world.

The Top 5 Tips for Traveling with Diabetes This Summer

(All tips and recommendations from the American Diabetes Association.)

Tip #1:

See your doctor before you head out and possibly have a medical exam to ensure your diabetes is in good control. This will give you some peace of mind while away from home.

Tip #2:

Wear a medical ID bracelet or necklace that shows that you live with diabetes. This will be helpful in case of an emergency and allows others to be aware of your medical needs. A medical ID can provide crucial information about your health condition and also list allergies in case of an emergency.

Tip #3:

The ADA recommends that you pack twice as much medication and supplies as you think you will need for the trip. Keeping your supplies in your carry-on bag is important because checked luggage can potentially be lost (if you are flying), and this ensures your medication and supplies are with you at all times. Allow for extra time at the airport because security might take additional time with your insulin pump.

Worried about your insulin pump malfunctioning while away? Worry no more! Medtronic offers a travel loaner program that allows you to take a back-up insulin pump with you on your travels. Here is the link to Medtronic’s webpage to apply for a loaner insulin pump. Keep in mind that it will take about two weeks to receive the pump, so plan accordingly.

Tip #4:

When traveling with insulin, especially if you are traveling by bike or car, you may have to take a few extra steps to keep it at the right temperature. Insulin does not need to be refrigerated, however if you store insulin in places that are too hot or too cold, its effects may be disrupted. Storing insulin in the glove box or somewhere in your car may not be the best option because of potential extreme temperatures. If you are traveling by car, bike, or you are out exploring in hot conditions, try using travel packs to keep your insulin cool. The insulin protector from the HLMS online store may be helpful when carrying insulin for your summer adventures!

Tip #5:

Go check out Beyond Type One’s travel webpage, which will provide you with various stories and tips from people living with diabetes who have traveled the world.

Bonus tip!

Do not let diabetes hold you back from enjoying yourself, great adventure, and good company while you’re on vacation. After all it is called “vacation” for a reason, and it’s made for relaxation!


Dexcom G5 CGM Now Compatible with Android Devices

We know that many of our customers have been waiting for this news! The Dexcom G5 Mobile CGM System has become the first and only CGM platform available for Android in the United States, complementing the 2015 iOS launch. Beginning this month, Android users will have access to the free app for the Dexcom G5 Mobile Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) System, allowing people with diabetes to view and monitor their glucose levels on their mobile devices to manage their diabetes in real time.

The Dexcom G5 Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) System provides real-time glucose readings for patients with type 1 or type 2 diabetes every five minutes. With Dexcom G5 Mobile, dynamic glucose data can be accessed and shared safely, conveniently, and discreetly anywhere, anytime to your smart device.The Dexcom G5 Mobile is the only CGM system approved for adults and pediatric patients two years of age and older. Many individuals living with diabetes appreciate the Dexcom CGM for better insights and more effective diabetes management than traditional blood glucose testing can offer. Check out Dexcom's press release for more details!

Our Healthy Living Insulin Pump & CGM Therapy Team will be available to answer any questions and help you start the process of obtaining a Dexcom CGM system, beginning with verifying your insurance and navigating other qualifications. We are so excited about this awesome new option for our customers and we can't wait to help you learn more. You can reach us at 866.779.8512 (Option 2).