Save Your Money, Save Your Time – With the Healthy Living Online Store

Try a new way to make your life easier by combining your usual order for insurance-covered diabetes supplies with a visit to the Healthy Living online store. Here’s the plan:

  1. Visit the Healthy Living online store at Place an order for over-the-counter medications, testing supplies, insulin pump accessories, or vitamins (and many more options!).
  2. We ship your online store order with your regular insurance-covered Healthy Living Medical Supply order with no shipping costs.
  3. You save time and money!
  4. Wait for delivery. Open your door, and find all of the products you need on your doorstep.

Keep it simple and use the Healthy Living Medical Supply one-stop-shop!


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  • Call us @ (866)779-8512 or text us @ (248)577-9903.

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  • Check out our new online store at for accessories and over-the-counter medications.

  • Visit to electronically complete and sign prescriptions for patients.