Behind the Scenes: Keeping Scripts Current

Sherece in action!

Sherece in action!

From our perspective, one of the worst things that can happen is when a patient’s prescription is not in-hand when it’s time for an order refill, and we can’t complete a supply order when it’s needed. We work hard to be prepared to help our members avoid these situations.

Our goal is to eliminate supply interruptions and make the process of communicating between doctors, patients, and us as easy as possible. The entire Healthy Living team works behind the scenes to make sure that patients’ prescriptions do not expire so there is no gap or wait time for supplies when they are needed.

Our Prescription Hero

Sherece is one of Healthy Living’s customer care representatives, and she has an important job – to be extremely proactive and stay on top of prescriptions to ensure that reorders progress smoothly for all members. She does this by:

  • Logging new prescriptions and renewals
  • Helping to get prescriptions for new enrollees
  • Verifying receipt of every prescription
  • Ensuring ICD-10 codes are billable
  • Watching that everything is compliant
  • Making sure providers’ NPIs are active

She reviews a report to look for expiration dates that are soon approaching. When Sherece sees that a prescription is nearing its expiration (once it hits about three months before), she contacts the doctor’s office for renewal to make sure there is no break and the script won’t expire before the next order date.

Physicians can submit prescriptions and refills via fax (866.779.8512) or via Docusign on our website (visit to download forms or submit prescriptions online).

Our Commitment

Providers, patients, and all members of the care team expect to have enough supplies available at all times to ensure adherence to the prescribed therapy. Healthy Living works hard to make certain we always have an active prescription on file so customers have the supplies they need to be successful in managing their diabetes.


  • We work with many insurance plan partners.
  • You can approve your refills via text or phone.
  • Our company’s focus is excellence in customer service.
  • In addition to providing supplies, we also have a mail-order pharmacy.
  • Diabetes is our specialty, and we’re prepared to help!


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