Healthy Living Creates New Employee-Inspired Core Values

This year, Healthy Living decided it was time to review and update its core values to make them more congruent with the company’s current goals and working style. The managers asked all team members to submit a list of their own personal values. With these values from employees, the updated Healthy Living Core Values were drafted. They were sent out for feedback and discussed in meetings, then revised several times. We still believe that these values are a work in progress, and we have our pencils ready to add to or revise the list below when needed.

As a growing company shaped by integrity and our purposeful commitment to customers and employees, we use these values to guide our way and focus our daily vision.

Earn Trust:

Delight customers, simplify their experience, and surprise them in unanticipated ways.

Get Better Every Day:

Practice continuous improvement, determined to surpass yesterday, over and over again.

Own and Learn from Mistakes:

Seek to understand your mistakes, make things right, share what you learned, and move on.

Pursue Ongoing Learning:

Strive for personal and professional growth through curiosity, exploration, and education.

Build a Positive Team:

Work collaboratively to create a loyal customer following, and have fun along the way!

Embrace Change:

Be agile and prepared to adjust to the quickly and inevitably changing healthcare environment.

Be Humble:

Appreciate your teammates, be yourself, and focus on the goal instead of the spotlight.


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