Healthy Living’s Online Retail Store Makes Life Simpler

Healthy Living continues its focused work to make life easier for customers with an online retail store, offering products like over-the-counter medications, diabetes testing supplies, and insulin pump accessories. The store provides the ability for clients to order diabetes-related products with no shipping costs when delivered with an insurance-covered Healthy Living Medical Supply order. 

George Krantz is leading Healthy Living in keeping the store running smoothly – processing orders, handling inventory, answering questions, and adding products. The hope is to eventually grow the product selection in the store to around 500 items. According to George, the store expansion will happen through a dynamic process of working with patients. The customer service team suggests products to clients and also actively encourages customers to share any ideas for additional store stock.  

With a unique product selection aimed toward people with diabetes, the Healthy Living Medical Supply online store is a great place to find items you wouldn’t come across at your neighborhood drug store. As George said earlier today, “It’s a one stop shop.” The best, patient-centered customer service possible, combined with access to necessary supplies, creates a special opportunity to help patients living with diabetes make their lives easier. 

Check out the new Healthy Living Medical Supply online store at!