Navigating a New Way: The Top 7 Tips for Diabetes Caregivers

Being a caregiver for a loved one with diabetes and helping prioritize their well-being and positive lifestyle changes (without nagging) can be one of the greatest challenges out there. The American Diabetes Association offers tips for caregivers to help guide readers on a path of least resistance, greatest compassion, and most educated caregiving:

The Top 7 Tips for Diabetes Caregivers

1.     Start your education now.

2.     Take some time.

3.     Encourage self-care, but don’t be a pest.

4.     Make changes together.

5.     Set small goals.

6.     Work with the diabetes care team.

7.     Find support for yourself.

Start Your Education

As we know with any medical condition, the article wisely states that a new diagnosis presents a learning curve. Stacey Simms, a mother referenced in the article, gives encouraging advice. Her 9-year-old son was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at the age of 2. Stacey suggests, “Take a deep breath and realize that the beginning is the worst. Now it’s just our routine, and it will become yours as well, eventually.” Stacey’s thoughts can serve as a great breath of hope.

Find Support

When acting as a primary caregiver for a loved one, there can be precious little time for self-care. The American Diabetes Association highlights taking care of yourself and finding encouragement within the diabetes community, including finding a support group for caregivers.

One mother of a diabetes patient appreciated being part of a group because, “It helps so much to meet others who are going through exactly what you are dealing with.” She finds comfort in the support of people whose lives are affected by similar experiences.

Keep Learning

Check out the full article from the ADA for more details and caregiving advice.

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