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Prepared & Ready to Provide Testing Supplies to Medicare Members in 2019

The New Year is right around the corner, and we think this is the perfect time to let you know that when January 1, 2019 rolls around, we will be able to provide test strips and related diabetes supplies to Medicare members. You may already be getting your insulin pump supplies or CGM supplies from us, or maybe you are just meeting Healthy Living. Whatever your background, we hope that you will consider us for your diabetes testing supply needs!

Healthy Living currently provides insulin pumps, pump supplies, and continuous glucose monitors (CGM) and supplies to Medicare members throughout the United States. If customers are already enrolled with us for pump or CGM supplies, it is easy for us to add testing supplies to existing 90-day orders...and new patients can easily enroll using our enrollment form.

Healthy Living Medical Supply specializes in diabetes, with a compassionate, experienced, and understanding customer care team. We are here and ready to help at 866.779.8512 (phone) or 248.577.9903 (text).

See You at the 11th Annual JDRF TypeOneNation Summit!


Join Healthy Living at the 11th Annual JDRF TypeOneNation Summit! The Metro Detroit & Southeast Michigan Summit will take place on Saturday, May 12, in Belleville from 8:30 am – 2:00 pm. This free, educational event will bring together people of all ages and stages of type 1 diabetes, their loved ones, and the medical community. This year’s theme is “Living with Diabetes: A Family Day of Inspiration, Hope, and Education.” Register here

The TypeOneNation Summit was developed by a group of leading endocrinologists and diabetes educators. This one-day event will be full of education, information, and inspiration. Keynote Presenters include Dr. Alvin C. Powers and Dr. Korey K. Hood. In addition, there will be many break-out workshops and presentations on topics relevant to individuals and families living with T1D.

The JDRF Summit Youth Program will welcome pro-snowboarder Sean Busby. He is the founder of Riding On Insulin and will talk, inspire, and share his experiences with kids and teens.

We’ll have a table in the sponsor area, so please come and say hello!! We're in network with most major insurances for insulin pumps, insulin pumps supplies, continuous glucose monitoring systems ("CGM"), and testing supplies. This includes Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, Health Alliance Plan of Michigan, Priority Health, Michigan Medicaid, and Medicare. 

This is a great event – we learned so much last year when we attended the workshops. Hope to see you soon!

Check Out the Blue Cross Blue Shield Blog

The Blue Cross Blue Shield Blog is a great resource for members and non-members alike! It covers categories including community health, chronic disease, healthy living, care delivery, and BCBS news.

Check out their article “Know where to go: How to choose between the doctor’s office, urgent care and the ER.” This blog offers guiding advice to help you decide where to go when a need arises, based on the urgency of your health situation and your budget. Blue Cross Blue Shield suggests that you call your primary care doctor first in non-emergency situations. Urgent care centers are a good option if you can’t reach your doctor or need health care outside of regular business hours. Most of the time, the out-of-pocket cost of a visit to the urgent care is less than than you will pay for a visit to the emergency room. ERs are best for treating urgent, acute, and life-threatening conditions.

Healthy Living Medical Supply is in network with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan for insulin pumps, CGM, Omnipods, and testing supplies. Find out more about how we can serve BCBS patients and visit our Easy Enrollment page! We're also in network with most out-of-state Blue Cross Blue Shield plans when the member is a resident in the state of Michigan. 

We're here to help!

New Guide Meter from Accu-Chek Makes Pediatric Testing Simple

Child sleeping (thinkstock.com)

Child sleeping (thinkstock.com)

Accu-Chek has released their new Guide meter, with many benefits including:

  • Spill-resistant and simple to take just one strip with the SmartPack vial
  • Simple to use by placing a small drop of blood anywhere along the end of the test strip
  • Anytime testing and easy to see with a strip port light
  • Automatic logging of results into an app on your smartphone
  • Accurate with reliable results you can trust – 10/10 accuracy
  • Manufactured in the U.S.A.

This is an excellent meter choice for pediatric patients - parents like the port light for ease of late night testing of a sleeping child. And having all of the blood glucose information on a phone means you don't have to manually record numbers in a paper log book. 

Getting Started with Your Accu-Chek Guide Meter

Check out these resources to learn how to set up the meter and connect via Bluetooth to your phone:

·        Setting Up and Using the Guide Meter

·        Directions for Connecting the Guide Meter with Your Phone

Learn More

Reach out to us at Healthy Living to find out more about the Accu-Chek Guide meter and what your insurance covers.

Text: 248.577.9903

Phone: 866.779.8512

Chat: myhlms.com

Talk to you soon!


Michigan Medicaid Covered by Healthy Living for Diabetes Testing & Insulin Pump Supplies

Sunset at Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore, Michigan (Photo via goodfreephotos.com)

Sunset at Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore, Michigan (Photo via goodfreephotos.com)

Are you covered by Medicaid and looking for diabetes testing supplies or insulin pump supplies? At Healthy Living, we've been serving Medicaid members in Michigan and a few other states for many years. We have the know-how to make it easy for members with Medicaid to acquire the supplies they need to follow their care plans.

When you call Healthy Living, you will be served by a member of our Customer Care Team or Insulin Pump Therapy Team, depending on your needs. You’ll also find out that there are many ways to communicate with us: text, phone, chat, email…We are ready to help you!

Find out what insurance plans we accept here. If you have another insurance provider, please send us a text message at 248.577.9903 or call us at 866.779.8512 so that we can verify coverage.

Meter Kits Smooth the Transition to Testing for New Patients

Advocate, Bayer Contour Next, and True Metrix test kits.

Advocate, Bayer Contour Next, and True Metrix test kits.

Keeping Patients Supplied

For new patients, once diagnosed with diabetes and beginning education, it is a critical time to start testing blood sugar to inform their insulin dosing, food choices, and activity. As a home delivery diabetes supply company and pharmacy, we know that the time lag in the shipment of supplies can be complicated in this situation. Healthy Living has created some solutions to help patients begin to manage their diabetes as quickly as possible. One way we do this by providing nurses and diabetes educators at many Michigan clinics with meter kits to give to new patients.

Getting Started with Blood Glucose Testing

Healthy Living supplies meter kits from a few different manufacturers to each clinic, and every kit includes a blood glucose meter, lancets, and test strips. The type of meter kit that a patient receives is based on the individual’s health insurance coverage. For example, Meridian covers Advocate test strips, so Meridian patients get an Advocate meter test kit (they will continue to use the meter and will only have to reorder test strips and lancets).

No worries if you don't have meter kits on hand in your clinic. We can provide expedited shipping so the first order gets to your patient's home fast, usually within a day. All you need to do is contact Healthy Living and we'll ensure your patient receives supplies in short order. 

Right on Track

When patients are given a new meter kit and learn how to test their blood glucose levels, they also call Healthy Living to enroll and place their first order for the test strips they will need going forward. They'll receive their supplies at home by the time they run out of sample test strips.

Diabetes educators and nurses, when providing a meter kit to a member, we would appreciate it if you could take five minutes to have the patient either text or call us to enroll for home delivery. This process is fast and ensures that members receive their order in a timely manner so they have supplies in-hand before they run out of the test strips in their meter kits. 

With this collaborative process in place, new patients with diabetes can start testing right away, and from the get-go, Healthy Living can help patients stay on track with their treatment plans.