New Guide Meter from Accu-Chek Makes Pediatric Testing Simple

Child sleeping (

Child sleeping (

Accu-Chek has released their new Guide meter, with many benefits including:

  • Spill-resistant and simple to take just one strip with the SmartPack vial
  • Simple to use by placing a small drop of blood anywhere along the end of the test strip
  • Anytime testing and easy to see with a strip port light
  • Automatic logging of results into an app on your smartphone
  • Accurate with reliable results you can trust – 10/10 accuracy
  • Manufactured in the U.S.A.

This is an excellent meter choice for pediatric patients - parents like the port light for ease of late night testing of a sleeping child. And having all of the blood glucose information on a phone means you don't have to manually record numbers in a paper log book. 

Getting Started with Your Accu-Chek Guide Meter

Check out these resources to learn how to set up the meter and connect via Bluetooth to your phone:

·        Setting Up and Using the Guide Meter

·        Directions for Connecting the Guide Meter with Your Phone

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