Spotlight on Mira, Star Healthy Living Pharmacist

Today, we are happy to introduce Mira, one of our pharmacists at Healthy Living Medical Supply. Mira has been a pharmacist since 2009, and it seems like she has worked in just about every setting a pharmacist could find: a hospital, a big chain store, an independent setting, and an ambulatory care setting. With all of this behind her, Mira has found that what really makes Healthy Living unique is that it’s an environment where she has time to focus on patients, dedicating more time to specific situations when needed, without so many distractions that she can’t work patiently with patients.

A big part of Mira’s job is keeping the lines of communication open between doctors, patients, and our pharmacy – ensuring consistent refills, understanding tapering orders, and monitoring dose changes. Communication is crucial, and Mira is constantly on the phone talking with patients or doctors’ offices. As Mira says so well, “You can’t put problems away. You have to be proactive, focus on communication, keep everyone informed – doing the job thoroughly, and doing it well.”

Mira’s pharmacy team supports each other and includes Joe (fellow pharmacist), Grace (pharmacy tech), and Bryan and Alex (inhalation medication experts). The team gets questions each day from patients about specific drugs and side effects, dosing, remaining refills, or what to expect if the drug looks different or it’s the first time they are taking it. The pharmacy team also help patients navigate their insurance questions.

We had a chance to ask Mira what she likes best about working at Healthy Living Medical Supply.  She loves the opportunity to collaborate with different departments within Healthy Living and within the medical community. Mira explained that in this environment, she can see the big picture to make smoother transitions for patients, do more thorough medication and supplies reconciliations, and also solve different challenges every day. She is also very grateful for the community of people she works with at Healthy Living, and we are surely thankful for her!

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