The Top 12 Reasons to Choose Home Delivery

Whether you are ordering diabetes testing supplies, an insulin pump, insulin pump supplies, CGM, insulin, or other prescriptions, Healthy Living Medical Supply offers reliable, no-cost delivery, direct to your door.

Healthy Living’s Top 12 Reasons to
Prefer Home Delivery

  1. Convenience – You can save time by bypassing busy stores and lengthy lines, stay at home if you aren’t very mobile, and avoid long drives if you live far from town.
  2. Reorder reminders – Supplies are shipped on a regular schedule, with auto-refills on prescriptions and the opportunity to approve diabetes supply refills via text or phone.
  3. Concierge service – Healthy Living has a small team that provides consistent, trustworthy results, and we take care of the paperwork for you, working with your doctor and insurance provider.
  4. Quick ship time – Receive your order in 1-3 business days, with most orders arriving within 1-2 business days if they are placed Monday thru Thursday.
  5. Careful packaging – Supplies and prescriptions are packaged for accuracy, quality, and privacy, and insulin is cold-packed for shipping.
  6. Dependable service – We know our customers count on having their supplies to manage their diabetes – Healthy Living’s dependable home delivery service ensures you always have what you need.
  7. Diabetes specialty – Healthy Living has focused on providing diabetes supplies for over a decade, and our customer care team has the knowledge to give excellent service.
  8. Private consultations – Discuss and receive your supplies and prescriptions in private, instead of in a store, surrounded by other customers.
  9. Personalized review – Our team can help you determine insurance options and copays and offers ongoing individual support.
  10. Multiple product lines – Since Healthy Living offers a wide selection of products, you can find the best supply combination for managing your condition.
  11. Insurance verification – Our insurance verification team helps you maximize benefits and minimize expenses.
  12. Flexibility – If you are traveling for an extended time or wintering in a warmer climate, we can temporarily ship your order to a different address.

Remember you can also combine shipments for diabetes supplies, prescriptions, and orders from Healthy Living’s online store. Try Healthy Living Medical Supply & Pharmacy for the ease of home delivery. We help you spend more time where you want to be – healthy at home.


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