Manage Your Diabetes in the Workplace Better than Ever

You Know What They Say – Be Prepared

A passionate diabetes advocate, Kelly Kunik wrote the very thoughtful post ‘Taking Your Diabetes to Work’ on the Mango Health blog this February. She talks about the importance of being ready for anything and makes great suggestions, like doing blood sugar checks before you hit the road to and from work. Kelly also gives tips about some of the best ways to communicate (addressing who, when, and how?) about living with diabetes with coworkers and supervisors.

Some other subjects that Kelly covers include:

·       Understanding your rights in the workplace

·       Prepping for meetings and presentations

·       Having a designated “d drawer” with snacks and go-tos for times of low blood sugar

·       Preparing for commutes

About the Author

Kelly Kunik has lived with type 1 diabetes since she was eight years old. Her greatest perceived weakness (a busted pancreas) has become her greatest strength and biggest passion. Kelly is a diabetes advocate that authors the blog, Diabetesaliciousness. She’s also a writer, speaker, consultant, and creator of the #IWishPeopleKnewThatDiabetes initiative. You can find Kelly on Twitter @diabetesalish.

(excerpt from Mango Health)


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