How to Help? Creating Your Contribution

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Are you looking for ways to get involved in the diabetes community and support research and awareness? First, check out these four big events coming up this summer, happening nationwide: 

·       The American Diabetes Association’s Step Out Walk and Tour de Cure

·       The JDRF One Walk and Ride to Cure Diabetes

Creating Your Contribution

The American Diabetes Association (ADA) has other do-it-yourself ideas for fundraising in your neighborhood. Here are several to consider:

1.     Community Walks: Create a walk or a fun-run that gets kids and families involved. This doesn’t have to be a huge event to be successful – just get people together and moving for a cause you believe in.

2.     Join Team Diabetes: Participate in an athletic event that you’re excited about, like a 5K, a marathon, or a triathlon – and in the process, raise funds to support the mission of the ADA.

3.    Create a Local Fundraiser: We’re talking grassroots, right in your community, getting your neighbors involved. Some ideas include:

·       Services auction

·       Car wash

·       Golf event

·       Bake sale

4.     Always & Forever Tributes: Celebrate the life of your loved one by creating a personalized Memorial Tribute Webpage.

The American Diabetes Association offers web support for each of these volunteer options. You’ll be able to boost awareness about diabetes in your community and raise funds to find a cure.


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