In the Halloween Spirit: Family Pumpkin Sale Raises Funds for Michigan Boy to Obtain Diabetes Service Dog


Happy Halloween! We love this story… A pumpkin sale recently helped Ian, a six-year-old who lives with Type 1 diabetes, and his family raise money for a service dog to help him manage his disease. In Sand Lake, Michigan, the Christensen family used their annual pumpkin sale as a fundraiser this year – and as a result, Ian will have a service dog trained specially to help him in less than a year. Ian’s diabetes service dog will be trained to detect the subtle smells in his breath and alert Ian before dangerous blood sugar lows kick in. We are so happy for Ian and his family!

“The world would be a nicer place if everyone had the ability to love as unconditionally as a dog.” ― M.K. Clinton

Healthy Living Is Looking Forward to Grunberger Diabetes Patient Appreciation Day!

Lake Huron in the morning (photo by M. Lewis)

Lake Huron in the morning (photo by M. Lewis)

Next weekend, Grunberger Diabetes Institute in Bloomfield Hills will host its Patient Appreciation Day. Grunberger Diabetes Institute provides comprehensive patient evaluation and treatment of diabetes and diabetes-related conditions. Healthy Living will have a table and be ready to meet members of the  Institute’s community, talk about insulin pumps and CGM, and enroll attendees for home delivery of diabetes supplies. In addition to educational resources, the event will also have a photo booth for fun, and food and drink.

Grunberger patients – if you haven’t heard, we’re in network with HAP now! Whether you’re a busy parent with a child who’s living with T1D or a member of HAP’s Medicare plan, we can take care of your supply needs with outstanding customer service. Here is a list of all the insurance plans we partner with.

See you there!

JDRF Teen Carnival Brings Fun & Collaboration

Giant Connect Four at the Healthy LIving Medical Supply table.

Giant Connect Four at the Healthy LIving Medical Supply table.

About 30 teens and family members attended the 3rd Annual JDRF Teen Carnival last Saturday, January 28 in Belleville, Michigan. Matt Montagne, Healthy Living’s VP of Strategy and Innovation, went to the event to contribute to the fun (he brought giant versions of Connect 4, Jenga, and Yahtzee) and to learn from the inspiring Type 1 Diabetes community.

Teens had the opportunity to break out and share their experiences, and so did parents and caregivers. The two groups came together to summarize what they discussed and shared their thoughts about strategies for improving communication around diabetes management, including:

·        Avoiding judgment

·        Using humor

·        Letting go from time to time

·        Testing blood sugar regularly and teens keeping up ‘their end of the bargain’

Matt also spoke with a Health Plus family and learned about their disappointment that Healthy Living couldn’t continue handling their supply needs after the Health Plus roll-over into HAP. He let them know that we are working on getting in network with HAP, and if they ever switch insurances, they should contact us (at (866)779-8512) to see if we are in-network. 

As always, JDRF put on an amazing event! The next JDRF event that we are gearing up for is the 9th Annual JDRF Type One Nation Summit on May 14th at Wayne County Community College's Western Campus.


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