Replay: Meet the Glucagon App - A Place to Learn & Prepare

A view of the Lilly Glucagon app in the App Store.

A view of the Lilly Glucagon app in the App Store.

Lilly Glucagon is designed to treat patients with diabetes and severe hypoglycemia. Do you have a Glucagon kit at home, and do you and your loved ones know how to use it?

You can get a white teaching kit from Lilly by calling (800)LILLY-RX. And to learn more, you could try the mightily helpful Glucagon phone app, simply called “Glucagon.” You can use this app to go through a practice simulation of using Glucagon in an emergency, including how to mix (swirl) the powder and liquid and where to inject (thigh, arm, or buttocks).

Most importantly, there is a special section with instructions for an actual emergency, with animated pictures and audio directions.

The Glucagon app also has a section about “My Kit Information” to help you track where you are keeping your kit(s) in the house and when they expire. There is a function to set reminders to make sure you update your Glucagon kit before passing the expiration date.

In the app's content, you can learn more about this critical emergency treatment tool, including:

  • When it's appropriate to use Glucagon
  • Contraindications and precautions
  • Details about severe low blood sugar
  • Glucagon tips
  • Other helpful diabetes links

Glucagon, Scripts, and Your Insurance

Glucagon is covered by most insurance companies, but it's different for each. It also requires a doctor's prescription. If you are interested in obtaining a Glucagon kit, call Healthy Living Pharmacy at (866)779-8512 (Option 4). Our pharmacy team can help you get set up, including calling the doctor to request a prescription on your behalf.  You can also send us your written prescription, or we can transfer your script from another pharmacy if that would be helpful to you.