JDRF TypeOneNation Summit: Healthy Living Team Highlights

The Healthy Living team at the JDRF TypeOneNation Summit, 2017.

The Healthy Living team at the JDRF TypeOneNation Summit, 2017.

This last Saturday, seven members from the Healthy Living team participated in the 2017 TypeOneNation Summit in Belleville, Michigan, hosted by JDRF. As usual, it provided us with a great opportunity to learn and continue building relationships with customers, potential customers, vendors, and members of the provider community (we were positioned right across from U of M's Mott Pediatric Diabetes Team). There was so much good energy and activity, and a lot of great programming for kids and adults.

HLMS Team Member Highlights

Here are some reflections from our team about the summit:

I also attended Dr. Schmeltz's Advanced Insulin Pumping session. It was truly an eye-opener to see and hear how diabetes can complicate simple tasks I take for granted. Even when using an insulin pump, patients and caregivers must plan carefully and tweak pump settings to do simple things like eat a piece of pizza or go on vacation. Pump technology definitely makes things easier but still demands serious dedication and self-control. I particularly enjoyed the end of Dr. Schmeltz's presentation where he discussed the latest in pump/CGM technology and products coming soon. It seems like the long-awaited artificial pancreas will be ready in the not-so-distant future. –- George K.

The day ended with an inspirational talk by Will Cross, who lives with Type 1 Diabetes and made it to the summit of Mt. Everest ten years ago - it was the kind of message that reminded me that we're here as a company to add value to our customers by making their lives better through exceptional customer care. –- Matt

I attended the "Taking T1D to School" workshop and learned a lot about state-funded schools and how they have to take classes on helping the students with T1D. They need to be able to help the student out if they cannot help themselves, and the student also has the right to test and inject in class without causing an interruption. A lot of parents, especially parents that have kids that are newly diagnosed, do not know much about how much assistance they can get and think it's all up to them, which makes it so much harder for them as well for the child. –- Rickelle

Along with interacting with everyone, I enjoyed attending the Advanced Insulin Pumping session with Dr. Lowell Schmeltz. I learned a lot more about insulin pumping and ways it can be used better for a patient to gain better control of their diabetes.  It was also neat to be able to go to each table and interact with educators, pump/CGM company reps and other organizations/companies that were there. -- Crystal

Personally, I was very excited to meet a couple of gentle therapy dogs at the table next to us. The husband/wife team actually trains each dog specifically for an individual and his or her needs. Related to diabetes, the dogs can learn to smell low blood sugar to alert their owners about the situation. -- Emily