Replay: Text me! The Benefits of Refill Reminders for Ease & Adherence

We know that our members can’t remain adherent without having their prescribed supplies and medications in hand. A refill reminder system can make a difference for many people, helping them stay on top of their health and compliant with doctors’ orders. At Healthy Living, once a customer enrolls and signs up for reminders, a text or phone call recording is sent every 30 to 90 days, about three days before the necessary reorder date to keep the patient on track with necessary supplies and medications.

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Response Rates Are Higher with Reminder Texts

The text reminder option has boosted adherence for Healthy Living customers. We have found that people reorder more readily and frequently via text. For every 100 outbound reminder texts, the Healthy Living customer service team hears back and ships orders for about 70 patients. In comparison, for customers receiving reminder phone calls, only about 30% of patients either confirm their reorder at the moment of the call or by calling back later. Text message reminders really help Healthy Living patients stay on top of their ongoing diabetes maintenance and health.

Adherence Isn’t Easy

In their Global Research Report, Vision & Reality (9th Edition) , Capgemini Consulting researched and found that patient adherence levels drop over the course of care, from 69% of patients filling their first prescription to 43% of patients continuing their treatment as prescribed after six months.

Capgemini defines ‘patient adherence’ as the extent to which a patient follows a prescribed treatment regimen, including taking a drug as prescribed and following physician advice. They identified these patient-related factors as setbacks to compliance:

·       Forgetfulness and attitude

·       Inadequate knowledge of disease and treatment

·       Perceptions of diagnosis and health risks associated with disease and treatment

·       Misunderstanding of instructions and follow-up routing

Can't Help but Love the Text Reminders

Healthy Living is using this study and similar information to help design processes to improve the entire patient experience. Here are some of the comments we have recently received from customers:

  • "Absolutely love that you text me when it’s time to order.  I'm a terrible procrastinator and have often run out of supplies in the past.  The text system is so easy I now always have my supplies. Thank you!"
  • “I love that Healthy Living texts me before I know that I need diabetic supplies for my daughter."
  • “Super friendly service. I've been better about taking care of myself since you've been sending me my supplies. Thank you.”
  • “I really like ordering via text message. I have nothing but positive things to say about Healthy Living. I am so glad to have found you.”

We are excited that we have found a new way to help Healthy Living Medical Supply customers stay healthier!