Over-the-Counter Offerings Set the Healthy Living Supply Store Apart from Our Insurance-Based Services

New Website Platform for Easier Browsing & Ordering

To make things simpler for our customers, Healthy Living’s online medical supply store has improved its website! Find us at store.myhlms.com. For the sake of your convenience, if you add an item from the online store to your Healthy Living Medical Supply insurance-based order, shipping is free. Our featured products are updated regularly and can be found here.

How Are the Healthy Living Supply Store and Healthy Living Medical Supply Different?

Healthy Living Supply Store: Our store has a unique product offering, focused on helping people who are living with diabetes. Healthy Living’s online supply store provides products like over-the-counter medications, testing supplies, accessories, insulin pump supplies, vitamins, and more. With the exceptions of CGM sensors and insulin pump supplies, everything in our online store is over-the-counter and doesn’t require a prescription.

Healthy Living Medical Supply: Orders from Healthy Living Medical Supply require a prescription from the customer’s physician before we can ship them out. These items are billed through a member’s insurance. The items we offer include diabetes testing supplies, insulin, and insulin pumps and supplies. We also have a home delivery pharmacy that is known for its high level of customer support.

Coordinating the Healthy Living Supply Store

George is leading Healthy Living in keeping the store running smoothly. Learn more


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