Diabetes Is Expensive: How Healthy Living Helps

Broad Scale Price Hikes

It’s an expensive chronic disease to manage. Diabetes takes a financial toll on patients and families and on the health system. Type 1 diabetes alone accounts for $14.9 billion in healthcare costs in the United States each year, according to the JDRF. The price of supplies has also gone up. In the case of Glucagon, an emergency drug for people with diabetes, Truven Health Analytics reports that the list price has gone up 544% since 1998. One vial cost $40 in 1998 and now has a list price of $257.60. 

Glucagon Emergency Kit

Glucagon Emergency Kit

Cost Increases Hit Patients

At Healthy Living, we are especially tuned-in to the burdens that diabetes can create for individuals living with the condition. The cost of insulin has been increasing, and high health insurance deductibles make patients responsible for a greater portion of supply costs than ever. As noted by Business Insider, diabetes-related expenses can climb higher than $1,000 a month for only one person.

Healthy Living Helps

Our goal is to ensure that our patients NEVER run out of supplies so that they can stay adherent to their prescribed therapy while at the same time making sure there isn't unnecessary and costly surplus.

Our Process

It usually begins with Michelle, who works closely with insurance companies and plan benefits portals to thoroughly verify insurance and member benefits. This helps members know exactly where they stand with their insurance, deductible balance, co-pays. Then, Healthy Living’s experienced customer care agents break out potential orders into a la carte options - this allows members the opportunity pick and choose the supplies they really need and hold off on ordering the items where they may have surplus. The Healthy Living Medical Supply team serves as personal consultants for customers to help them maximize their insurance benefits. 


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