College Diabetes Network

The College Diabetes Network Helps You Live Well at School and Beyond

Orange tree aglow (image from Wikipedia Commons)

Orange tree aglow (image from Wikipedia Commons)

September is here, cooler air is in our midst, the rogue orange tree is popping up, and school days are beginning again. If you are off to college, I highly recommend that you check out the College Diabetes Network (CDN). Their vision is to enable students and young professionals to thrive with diabetes. CDN does this by creating innovative peer-based programs to connect and empower students and by offering relevant, noteworthy information on living well with diabetes.

Campus Communities to Connect, Learn, and Empower

College Diabetes Network is made up of a community of young adults with diabetes, with peer networks and chapters across many college campuses. Chapters are student-led groups that allow students to connect with others who understand what it’s like to live with diabetes. These groups are also a place to learn about the latest diabetes technology and gadgets, exchange tips and tricks for managing diabetes on campus, and anything else that students are interested in doing. Find a CDN chapter on your campus here.

A Resource Hub

CDN is a center for information and resources directly relevant to the lives of young adults with diabetes. Their website is full of wisdom, with sections that break down all kinds of information on these topics:

  • Preparing for College
  • Life on Campus
  • Diabetes at Work
  • Diabetes 24/7
  • Support System

Definitely visit the College Diabetes Network website, and enjoy the beginning of fall!