Our Pets Help with Diabetes Management and Stress Relief

These days, we are loving the opportunity to bring our dogs into the Healthy Living office during the workday. It has been amazing being able to have our best buddies along to work for both productivity and peace of mind.

Beyond Type 1 just posted a really cool article about how pets can help with T1D management - beyond the role of diabetic alert dogs. These are some of the key benefits the article cited:

  • Our pets can help reduce our stress. - "When stress hormone levels spike, blood glucose levels have been known to rise significantly. The decreased stress and anxiety that interaction with animals can provide can positively affect blood glucose levels as a result!"

  • Our pets can help prevent loneliness. - " One major cause of stress, anxiety and depression is the feeling of loneliness. Having a beloved animal that provides consistent, unconditional love is a great way to battle these feelings and avoid those blood sugar-spiking hormones that come along with it."

  • Our pets encourage us to exercise. - "People who own pets (and dogs in particular) on average get more day-to-day exercise than people who do not have an animal to walk and care for. Exercise is a natural way to speed up insulin absorption and lower BG levels."

  • Our pets help motivate self-care. - "The added responsibility that comes with pet ownership can make you more aware of the importance of your own health. Your furry friend depends on you! Out of that love, you may love yourself more."

The quotes above are directly from the Beyond Type 1 article "Can Pets Help in T1D Management?" Settle in and take some time with a fluffy friend to help prevent and relieve stress and burnout from diabetes (or any other cause!).