Diabetes and Emergency Planning in Michigan and Beyond

michigan snowstorm.jpg

Our hearts, thoughts, and prayers go out to the individuals and families in North Carolina and South Carolina whom have been touched by Hurricane Florence and the flooding that has followed. Although Michigan is not affected by natural disasters like hurricanes, we have plenty of other reasons to take pause and invest some time in emergency planning. Probably our greatest weather threats in this area are snowstorms, thunderstorms, tornadoes, and associated power outages.

For people living with different health challenges and conditions, there are unique precautions to be taken and plans to be made. For those living with diabetes, it is especially important to maintain a reasonable stock of supplies to last through an emergency. Additional supplies can be purchased through our retail online supply store or by calling us at 866.779.8512 (you can always discuss this with an agent when calling for an order or refill through Healthy Living).

Take a look at the CDC Preparedness page for people with diabetes. Four main topics that you may find helpful include:

  1. Information regarding insulin storage and switching between products in an emergency

  2. Diabetes disaster preparedness

  3. Be prepared: staying safe and healthy in winter weather

  4. Prepare for diabetes care in heat and emergencies

Beyond Type 1 recently published resources for those affected by Hurricane Florence – including contacts for disaster assistance, reminders for how to best stay safe and healthy, and also how to help. Some of their guidelines are applicable to us in Michigan:

Type 1 diabetes reminders for natural disasters

  • Identify yourself as someone who has diabetes

  • Stay hydrated

  • Keep emergency supplies with you to treat hypoglycemia

  • Secure insulin – If you can get to a pharmacy, it’s the best way to access your medicines or get emergency supplies.

Hopefully the winter weather ahead treats us kindly, but it’s worthwhile to be prepared for whatever might come!