Cold-Packed Insulin & Next-Day Shipping Make Home Delivery an Excellent Choice

Cold-packed insulin, ready for shipment

Cold-packed insulin, ready for shipment

“How do you keep the insulin cold?” Our Healthy Living team often receives questions like this one about our insulin shipping practices. The key answers to this question are that Healthy Living Pharmacy cold-packs all insulin and carefully plans shipping so that patients receive it the next day. Whether you are using multiple daily injections or an insulin pump, we know that you depend on having your insulin delivered on time, with the support of a pharmacy team you can trust.

Seven Vital Stats about Healthy Living Insulin Shipping:

  1. Packing Method: For one bottle of insulin, one ice pack is used. Then the ice pack and insulin are enclosed in bubble wrap and foil packing (more ice packs are used for multiple bottles of insulin in a shipment).
  2. Shipping Days: Insulin is shipped Monday through Thursday, so that patients will have their insulin the next business day.
  3. Cold Retention: Cold-packed insulin stays cold about 24 hours.
  4. Shipping Range: The Pharmacy ships insulin throughout the state of Michigan only, to ensure next-day delivery.
  5. Seasonality: Packing methods are tailored for the season – less ice packs are used in the winter (to prevent freezing) and more ice packs are used in the summer.
  6. Extreme Temps: On super hot or cold days, the Healthy Living Team calls patients to remind them to watch for a delivery on their porch and put it in the fridge immediately.
  7. Shipping Companies: We use ProMed Delivery and UPS Ground for shipping insulin.

To make life easier, contact Healthy Living to learn about our home delivery services for diabetes supplies and prescriptions.


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