Food Choices Are Individual: What Not to Say to a Person with Diabetes

It can be a joy to eat a meal with family or soak in a festive gathering with friends. But things can get complicated when it feels like your food or portion choices are being questioned or judged. Christel Oernum says that she has received hundreds of comments about what she eats. Christel is an accomplished fitness professional and has been living with Type 1 Diabetes since she was 19. She and her husband, Tobias, created TheFitBlog to help other people with diabetes live a fit, active, and healthy life.

Earlier this year, Christel posted about coming home after a party and feeling (once again) annoyed by people commenting about what she ate. She wrote a short list of things you should never say to a person with diabetes, or really anyone else.

5 Things You Should Never Say to a Person with Diabetes

1.      Should you be eating that?

2.      Can you eat that?

3.      Wow, you must be really hungry?

4.      You look so skinny/fit/healthy/good, eat some more.

5.      You can’t be writing a health blog since you are drinking that...

Read Christel’s original blog for her thoughts on why each of these comments just doesn’t work. Based on your experience, what comments or questions would you add to her list?

It’s impossible to completely know what another person is going through or what their body needs. Most people don’t want to be scrutinized, so keep Christel’s insights in mind.


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