Living with Allergies: Finding the Smoothest Back-to-School Path

Meet amazing Margie! She’s a very busy mom of three, dear sister, friend, daughter, wife. Her life is very full, and it’s time for two of her little ones to go back to school. In fact, it’s a big year. Margie’s oldest started kindergarten today!

Preparations, hopes, plans, wonderings …allergies and prescriptions? Yes, Margie’s son has to be extra careful at school since he lives with nut allergies and asthma. Margie needed to work with the elementary school staff to make sure everyone would be aware of her son’s allergies to avoid any issues and be ready if a reaction should occur. So much to coordinate!

Thorough Emergency Preparations Are Essential

The elementary school needed:

1.     Specific forms for prescription medications filled out and signed by the doctor

2.     A certain amount of the prescribed medications (for example: (1) 2-pack of EpiPens with the original labels and box, with the dosage indicated)

Until the forms and medications were filled out completely and in order correctly, Margie’s son couldn’t start school.

Obtaining the paperwork requires:

1.     Getting an appointment and going to the allergist

·       Checking vitals and height

·       Answering questions about any recent food allergy or asthmatic reactions and about how they are affecting daily life

·       Testing lung capacity

2.     Asking the doctor to fill out the forms required by the school district

Margie needed to give her son’s doctor plenty of notice to fill out his forms in time for school.

Choose a Pharmacy That Will Take Time to Help

Margie went to Healthy Living Pharmacy for the medications prescribed to her son:

·       EpiPens

·       Benadryl

·       Emergency albuterol inhaler

·       Spacer for inhaler

Margie worked with Mira (pharmacist) and Grace (pharmacy tech) and said, “They’re wonderful!”

Healthy Living Pharmacy made it easy:

1.     The doctor sent the scripts directly to Healthy Living.

2.     Grace communicated with Margie to confirm the order.

3.     Healthy Living was flexible about how Margie got her driver’s license and insurance card to them – photo & text, photo & email, or in person.

4.     The order contained specialty items, and some were not in stock, so Margie’s order was ready the next day. Healthy Living could ship it to her home or she could pick it up, and Margie chose pick-up.

5.     The pharmacist put the EpiPens on auto-refill.

6.     Mira and Grace answered her questions right away – they were knowledgeable and accessible.

Margie expressed, “It can be so overwhelming to deal with allergies, and Healthy Living Pharmacy made it simple.” So Margie and her family are now ready for the school year and to enjoy to the exciting days ahead. After getting all of her supplies from Healthy Living, Margie said, “We really felt prepared for back-to-school time.”

We are so happy we could help!

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Margie gave EpiPens to the school to store for her son, in case he has an allergic reaction.

Margie gave EpiPens to the school to store for her son, in case he has an allergic reaction.