Moved, Settled In & Glad to Be in Detroit

It’s been about a month since Healthy Living moved its headquarters to 2111 Woodward Avenue in Detroit. We asked Healthy Living employees to share how they like the new office space in Detroit and what they enjoy about working in Detroit. This blog features a compilation of pictures of our 11th floor office and the reflections we received from members of the team about our new locale!

What do you think about the new Healthy Living office space in Detroit?

I am thrilled with the new HLMS office in Detroit. The space looks great, the setup is convenient, and the views of the city are outstanding!

-        George K

It is fantastic – our office is by far the best space I've ever worked in. The space is filled with natural light and we rarely have the lights on during the day - I love working by the natural light! And when we do use lights, they are high efficiency incandescent lights - we don't have any fluorescent lights in the space. All of the natural daylight exposure has a positive impact the overall feel and workplace atmosphere.

-        Matt

Why do you like working in the City of Detroit?

I love working in the city. I can go and visit some of my favorite spots in the state on my lunch break.  Hart Plaza is a wonderful place to watch freighters float by throughout the year.  Also, the Riverwalk has blossomed into a haven for exercise.  I especially enjoy this area during the spring, where you feel safe while riding your bike through the city, while offering great views on Detroit and Windsor.

-        Adam

It is exciting to be working in such a vibrant downtown central business district. I worked in San Francisco for four years and that was a fantastic experience – and Detroit is right up there with San Francisco in my opinion. The architecture, the friendly people, the culture, the public transit that exists (I take the bus to work on occasion).

-        Matt

How do you feel about Healthy Living moving to Detroit?

I have always been a huge advocate of Detroit. I enjoy spending time here and know that it has much more to offer then most people realize. I am extremely proud to be part of a company that has invested in Detroit. Healthy Living Medical Supply and other businesses moving downtown will definitely accelerate the revitalization of the city. 

-        George K

What else is cool about the new location?

I love seeing so many projects that we can watch develop in front of our eyes. From Little Caesar's right next door, to New Little Caesars Arena being built across 75.  It is wonderful seeing Detroit blossom into what could potentially be a destination city for people throughout the country.   

-        Adam

The view from the space is amazing, with a 360-degree view of the city (we have windows on all four sides). We had a meeting with some partners from the West Coast last week, and we spent time strolling around the space, taking photos and enjoying the view of Comerica Park, Woodward Avenue, Michigan Central Station, the Central Business District, and even a portion of the Ambassador Bridge. 

-        Matt


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