The Greatest Hits: Our Top 10 Posts in 2016

Detroit Tiger, Davy Jones, on Opening Day, 1911.

Detroit Tiger, Davy Jones, on Opening Day, 1911.

This has been an exciting year in the diabetes community! Thank you for journeying with us to explore the advancements, movements, and changes happening every week, and to hear about the latest Healthy Living news. We appreciate all of you!


Text Me! The Benefits of Refill Reminders for Ease & Adherence

With our text reminder option, patients reorder their diabetes supplies more easily, readily, and frequently.


Insulin Pump Technology Innovation from Medtronic and Tandem

Starting this year, both Tandem and Medtronic are offering pumps with new features that increase quality of life and ease of diabetes management.


Healthy Living’s Online Retail Store Makes Life Simpler

Healthy Living’s online retail store offers products like over-the-counter medications, diabetes testing supplies, and insulin pump accessories. Customers can order with no shipping costs when delivered with an insurance-covered Healthy Living order. 


5 Ways to Improve Customer Service & Their Meaning for Healthy Living

Our team reviewed the blog article What’s the Best Way to Improve Customer Service? 63 Influencers Weigh In.  Check out the top five favorites from Healthy Living employees.


Healthy Living Celebrates Epic Teammate Performances This Fall

We celebrated outstanding Healthy Living employees this fall with the Player of the Week. Learn more about the four stars of 2016.

Autumn | John | Sherece | Tammi


Healthy Living Creates New Employee-Inspired Core Values

All team members submitted a list of personal values, and from this compilation, the new Healthy Living Core Values were drafted. 


Living with Allergies: Finding the Smoothest Back-to-School Path

One Michigan mom navigated the new-school-year requirements for dealing with her son’s food allergies…with help from Healthy Living Pharmacy: “It can be so overwhelming to deal with allergies, and Healthy Living Pharmacy made it simple.”


Diabetes Is Expensive: How Healthy Living Helps

Healthy Living’s goal is to ensure that our patients NEVER run out of supplies so that they can stay adherent to their prescribed therapy, while also making sure there isn't unnecessary and costly surplus.


Meet the Glucagon App - A Place to Learn & Prepare

Check out the “Glucagon” phone app – you can go through a practice simulation of using Glucagon and most importantly, there is a special section with interactive instructions to use during an actual emergency.


Trick-or-Treating in Teal!

Did you see teal-colored pumpkins out on doorsteps this Halloween? The Teal Pumpkin Project is a very cool way for all children to be able to enjoy Halloween treats, stemming from an awareness program led by a food allergy mom.

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