Moments That Matter: 9 Ways to Create Loyal Customers

So much of Healthy Living’s work in 2016 has been focused on continuous improvement in customer service - every day becoming better and better at taking care of our patients. Looking back to May of this year, our team had a productive discussion about moments that matter in customer interactions. These are some of the key, positive moments that we brainstormed in our discussion – experiences that can delight and surprise patients.

Nine Actions That Can Help Create Loyal Customers

  1. Trying to create a situation where the patient does the least amount of work possible
  2. Treating customers with respect and keeping a calm demeanor
  3. Doing an over-and-above job taking care of elderly and pediatric members
  4. When a patient calls with a script for testing 3 times a day, but is actually testing 3-4 times a day, sending over a new script so the customer doesn’t run into this issue at every refill
  5. Being friendly and demonstrating humanity and compassion
  6. Delighting and surprising the patient -- trying to make them feel like they are the only customer who called us that day
  7. Showing some personality!
  8. For orders that come in between 3-4 pm, going to the shipping team and doing everything in our power to get the order out on that day if the patient is low/out of supplies
  9. Going above and beyond in any way and being friendly!!!

As 2016 is drawing to a close, we reaffirm our commitment to growing as a team, as individuals, and in service for others.

Michelle at the front desk...ready for the holidays and ready to help! :)

Michelle at the front desk...ready for the holidays and ready to help! :)


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