Meet the Awesome Ben, Healthy Living’s Newest Team Member

Welcome Ben! Our new accountant has been living in Michigan for 16 years and has spent most of his last 11 years working as an accountant at St. Vincent de Paul in Detroit.

Through web exploration, Ben came to the Healthy Living website, saw a job posting, and liked our Core Values. He applied, interviewed, and was hired! Ben has explained why the Healthy Living Core Values resonate with him:

“Healthy Living is centered on giving customers the best service, and in order to do this, employees need to be filled with acceptance and equipped with the tools they need. For employees to pass on values to customers, they must be satisfied to work with the organization. You can’t give what you don’t have inside.”

It's been about three months since Ben started at Healthy Living, and he says that he loves working here because the work environment is light and motivating. He looks forward to coming to work every day because he has connections with other employees. In Ben’s words, “Everyone is cheerful, wearing a smile, willing to help, and has teamwork and team spirit.” He feels like he belongs here.  

Ben believes that his strengths that help him on the job are communicating well with coworkers and his supervisor, accepting constructive criticism, and focusing on teamwork. Ben feels that, “It’s okay if people have different perspectives in a team.” He is sure to wear a smile because it causes his day-to-day life to flow more smoothly.

Some of Ben’s favorite pastimes are tennis, walking in the park with his kids, bike riding, canoeing on rivers, yardwork, and vegetable gardening. And this is a great time of year for him because the fall season gives a lot that brightens his mood, including the cooler air, natural beauty and fall colors, and the Thanksgiving holiday.

“With great success comes great responsibility.” This is one of Ben’s favorite quotes, and he uses the expression when talking with his 18-year-old daughter and his niece. He tells them that if they want to be great and successful in their careers and their families, they need to take up responsibility and be accountable. That is the road to success.

We are grateful that Ben joined the Healthy Living Medical Supply team and we can see his smile every day!